BIG BANG THEORY: What really Kunal Nayyar feel About The Ending?

BIG BANG THEORY:  Recently the big bang theory finally came to an end after it’s 12th season still the fans were feeling sad to bid goodbye to the cast. What really Kunal Nayyar felt about the ending of The Big Bang Theory?

We all know that The Big Band Theory was a big popular sitcom hit which originally got aired on CBS and also now being repeated on E4. Sheldon Cooper (played by Jim Parsons ) got featured in the show with his socially awkward friends as they go on to search for relationships and careers.

BIG BANG THEORY: What really Kunal Nayyar feel About The Ending?

Kun  Nayyar was one of the best-known actors for his role in the big bang theory as Sheldon’s friend raj koothrappali. He has also been the highest-paid actor in the series.

The Big bang theory got aired in 2019 May and Sheldon along with his wife Amy Farrah wins a Nobel prize for their super-asymmetry theory.

Also, fans really liked her cameo in the show as his friends and Raj how much they loved the vampire series.

Nayyar recently shared a photo on Instagram from the last episode of The Big Bang Theory with an emotional caption written which says “our last taping of tbbt, also happened to be my birthday. As I reflect on this year, it has been one of change and so on…….

Although, fans were so eager to shower their love in the series for Raj. Also one fan commented down saying “I just finished the series and it made my life a better place. And you don’t know how much I appreciate your role!

Nayyar’s performance in the episode of Criminal. Season 2 in the UK and also got appreciation from the audience.

He played the role of Sandeep Singh( killer) in the series and also said that he had decided to step away from the character he played in the Big Bang Theory and looking forward to trying out something new.

He also shared a picture of himself as Sandeep Singh on his Instagram feed on which a fan responded saying “I just finished watching the episode and I’m still moved. What a talent! What a magnificent interpretation of the character.”


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