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Marvel’s Avenger: Predicting villains against Kate Bishop!

Predicting villains against Kate Bishop

Marvel’s Avenger Updates: Furthure this month Marvel’s Avenger will get its first story that will focus on Kate Bishop . Commonly and popularly known as Hawkeye too . Audience will witness she helping them in following Monica Rappacini . After witnessing this , it seems like Clint Barton the older Hawkeye is missing . Till now there is no news of him . He was in investigation on A.I.M.s recent tachyon project . This creates an interest as in comics Kate Bishop is capable of short range teleportation . Now Monica can also do that through tachyon machine .

Marvel’s Avenger: Villains against Kate Bishop

So here coming up with some of the potential villain that can share screens in upcoming season .

Trickshot (Barney Barton)

Trickshot (Barney Barton)

Barney Barton is none other than Clint’s own biological brother . They both grew up in same orphanage together. Then joined a circus where they learned archery and tricks . Furthure Clint left the job to join army . But Barney from there went towards crime filled with rage for his brother .He is an evil version of Hawkeye .

Silver Samurai ( eniuchio Harada)

Keniuchio is a long time marvel villain that has unique method of using tachyon power in the comics . He can cut anything virtually with his blade by wrapping tychon energy around blade . He is not a complete mutant but can be said a inhuman . Harada have a strong tendency to give tough competition .


Audience and fans finds this character somewhat boring and not appreciate much . Basically he is an assassin for highest paying bidder . He has an ability to throw anything with such power and accuracy that it becomes deadly . Though he donot have much appearance but audience sometimes witness him killi g people . By just throwing cards , stapler pinnes , paper clips and other things .

Graviton (Franklin Hall) 

He is that villain that is present in almost every super villain team . He is the antagonist in almost every marvel animation and live action . He has enormous gravitation powers . He can perform such things that even tychon power limits to . The reason for his prediction is , he has tangleded with every avenger till now . Last time he has a battle with Thor .

Destructor (Kerwin Korman) 

He is the perfect villain in the whole list . His debut in 70’s was as Captain Marvel’s buddy . Basically he is a scientist who perfectly knows about tychon power . He has a cannon on his head in his suit . This cannon can shoot blasts that are full with tychon power .

Now let’s see what creators come out with for upcoming show .

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