Golden Kamuy Season 3: Episode 2 Review & Every Other Detail

Golden Kamuy Season 3 Episode 2 Review: Starting with the first season, the anime show Golden Kamuy move ahead with a slow pace but somehow managed to hike the speed. The storyline got a bit exciting after the advent of Sugimoto’s quest. The characters got more vivid and complex along with intensified action scenes that made it a lot better.

As compared to other anime, Golden Kamuy made its advancement in the second season and the characters and plot became more engaging as the show precedes. It is commendable to see that the anime has managed to cover plenty with 12 episodes. The show has balanced events of action, thrill, and sentiments which set it apart from other anime. So do check out the third season if you are following the show.

Golden Kamuy: Release date and Where to watch?

The show is a creation of Geno studio and is an adaption of a manga. The second episode of the third season will premiere on October 12, 2020.

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The English dub of the first two seasons is accessible at Funimation and Amazon Prime. You can find the show with English subtitles and original Japanese audio on Crunchyroll.

The third season will be available too at Crunchyroll in North America, Europe, Africa, Central America, the middle east, and commonwealth independent states.

What is in Episode 2 of season 3 [spoiler ahead]

The second season had almost covered every possible thing in the manga. Yet Golden Kamuy releases every week and is still left with a lot of content to showcase in the third season. At the end of episode 2, 24 Abhashiri prisoners headed to the gold with the route carved to their arms.

But amongst all, only one Asirpa can interpret the code in the tattoo. From the highlights, the treasure hunt is about to end.

The end of the second season directed a shocking finale where Immortal Sugimoto survived even after being shot in the head by Ogata. The third season picks right from that point and we can see Sugimoto and Asirpa together. As they will confront each other in the show but we can wait what the season has reserved for us.

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