The Boys Season 2 Episode 7: Few Places You Might Have Missed Easter Eggs and Comedy-Reference


The Boys Season 2 Updates: The Boys had recently dropped kits the second season and had its Red Wedding. However, none of the main characters of the show gave away their life during the head-popping orgy. At the same time, the hearing which should have been a moment of joy and triumphant changed into a bloodbath. The bloodshed could not be controlled by anyone.

This massive killing will have a huge impact on the characters and on the storyline to be followed further in the show. It will not be possible for the fans and viewers of the show to forget it.

However, this was not all that happened under the roof. The cold open, which showed a random human being transformed by all-together different propaganda and right-wing jokes, was enjoying and chilling. When Butcher met his parents and reunited with them, he told them about the death of his brother, Lenny.

Further, Hughie was helped by the Lamplighter to get into Vought tower to save Starlight. However, he killed himself in the Seven’s conference room rather than helping.

The Boys Season 2 Episode 7: Where did you miss easter eggs and comedy?

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Here we have mentioned a few easter eggs and comedy references which you could have missed in the seventh episode of Season 2 of The Boys, “Butcher, Baker, Candlestick maker”.

  1. The Title: The title of the show is taken from a comic which unfolded the story of Butcher. The title of the episode comes from the phrase of a nursery rhyme, Rub a dub dub.
  2. The Soldier Boy: This boy was shown in the opening of the episode. He had the seven merch on posters, figures, and everywhere else. He will be introduced next season.
  3. Comic Shout-Outs: A poster form of transformed men appears to be from the cover of a comic. It gave shout-outs to the creators involved in the comic version.
  4. Dancing in Rain: the news referred to the Congresswoman Victoria Neuman’s video of dancing.
  5. White Chocolate Unicorn Frappe: Starlight met her mother at the Jitter Bean. She refers to the unicorn frappe as the product of Starbucks. However, this place does not appear to be real. Further, they do not have locations in New York.
  6. Lenny: After the talk between Butcher and his father we got to know how Lenny died. He killed himself and Butcher believes it was because of his father.
  7. SAS: Butcher’s father revealed that he joined the Special Air Service which is a division of the British army.

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