What will the finale of The Boys Season 2 be for Butcher?

The Boys Season 2 Updates: Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson created a comic book that got adapted as a web television series with the same name by Amazon Prime. Eric Kripke developed the superhero series called The Boys. Hartley Gorenstein and Gabriel Garcia are the producers of The Boys.

The series was renewed for the second season even before the first season premiered. Amazon also ordered the third season of the series and there is news about a spin-off in development.

Season 2: Additional detail 

The first episode of The Boys Season 2 released on 4 September 2020 and the finale of the series is scheduled this Friday. The latest episode of the second season gained a record-breaking body count in the history of The Boys. Viewers are eagerly waiting for the finale and they seem to think that Butcher is going to be in trouble during the finale.

The executive producer Eric Kripke claims that the finale of season 2 which is also the eighth episode is his all-time favorite. He even teased some of the plot details of the final season of The Boys Season 2. 

Final Episode of The Boys Season 2 :

All the events throughout the season have put Butcher on an edge. He enters the finale with a completely different attitude. Butcher is all set to teach a lesson to the Vought and The Seven in their language. His morality is in danger as he thinks that nothing can be achieved in a legal manner. He is dreading the fact that he will become just like his father to get his way.

Butcher’s violent reaction was inevitable after repeated failures. Kripke said that the final episode of the season will feature a “complete sh*t fight”. To know that what will be the finale of season two, have some patience.

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