Lion King 2: What Disney is Plainng for Simba’s Pride? and Other Details

Lion King 2 Updates: For a very long time, Disney is putting every single effort to expand The Lion King Universe. The franchise is the most loved and outcoming work by Disney. The origin of 1994, paves the way for Broadway Shows, a few animation spin-offs, and live-action remakes too. However, the most focus capturing part of this expended universe is The Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride.

Before the sequels become a huge part of the movie world and entertainment business. Disneyland straight to video and to DVD sequels for some of its popular movies. Some of them include Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast.

As the most popular film and work by Disney, the Lion King is no exception. Similar to the other franchises and works, Simba’s Pride receives a good amount of negative feedback and critics.

However, along with the announcement that moonlight director, Berry Jenkins will be helming a sequel to Jon Favreau’s 2019 live-action version of Disney classic. Now fans and audiences are excited and desperate about how this franchise will turn to be.

Lion King 2 Cast

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It’s often a part of the discussion that Lion King is essentially a family-friendly retelling of  William Shakespeare’s Hamlet. So it’s fitting that the sequel is again going for interpretation of Shakespeare’s other work, Romeo and Juliet.

Both Simba’s Pride and Romeo and Juliet somewhat have the same plot centering around a love story between children of rivals. In the end scenes of The Lion King Simba’s daughter, Kiara appears.

She starts developing a bond with a cub from a lion pride who are loyal to Scar. The scar is the antagonist of The Lion King and murdered Simba’s father.

Makers are forced for a replacement villain faction to hyenas and are also filling shoe Scar leaves. On top of that, the movie represents that Kovu is not Scar’s biological son. But Save takes him under his wings as heir to the throne.

Now it will be intersting to witness how the movie moves forward. And what all things audience will come upon this time. Till any new detail or information arrives, keep waiting and stay tuned to us.


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