Lion King 2: Disney in favour of a sequel but with a major replacement, Just know what it is

Lion King 2 Updates:  The Lion King, 2019 is an ultimate box office blockbuster. The earnings and box office collection that the film made was $1.6 billion. So there is nothing to get surprised that Disney confirms it for another part. Though Lion King has mixed reviews from audiences and critics across the globe. But there is no doubt that the film is the most successful live-action by Disney so far. This is the reason for Disney’s growing interest in Live action works. The coming sequel of Lion King will witness a major change.

Disney’s increasing interest in Live Actions with Lion King 2

Disney seems to find more access and profit with its live-action remake trend. Many fans and audiences although do not believe in these animation counterparts. But the box office is paying a good profit, nothing to worry about. Now Disney is planning to turn out these properties into its own franchise. Not only Lion King 2 will have a live-action sequel but Aladdin and The Jungle Book are too looking for it. Till now studios have no confirmation reveal regarding it but expectations are will have ‘Phoyorealism Technology’.

To the date, Disney has no confirmation regarding the release date and cast for the upcoming sequel. But after seeing the trend it’s predictable that most of the cast will surely return.

Revealing the Major Replacement:

According to our trusted sources, there is news that the upcoming part can be a prequel or sequel. That will explore Mufassa’s origin. At the same time, Disney reveals that Jon Favreau will not direct Lion King 2. He is not in the directing team. Though their presence in the production team is still on darks. His replacement according to Disney is Barry Jenkins. Jenkins too is a well-known director with Oscar-winning ‘Moonlight’ in his bag. Favreau now also not directing any of the mar the film’s too but receives credit in movies.

Fans and audience everybody know that Favreau is the most demanding director in Hollywood. It may be not possible for him to fit Lion King 2 in his schedule. He is already coping up with a hectic schedule with various projects.

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