Animal Kingdom Season 5: Will Ellen make a comeback in 5th season? Click to know

Animal kingdom Season 5 is basically a ruthless crime show revolving around the life of a family named Cody who only likes to spend their time in things like heists murders and many more.

It is based on a sundance, Award-winning Australian movie which is actually inspired by a real-life crime family. In the last season, Cody clans and shocked everyone Ellen Barkin.

Although, it is to be said that the whole cast including Ellen would reunite in Season 5. As everyone saw in the last time of the penultimate episode in Season 4, smurf died which came as a shock.

However, it wasn’t still revealed whether Barkin’s role would make a return or not; but as per the show’s tone and history, it is very clear to assume that smurf definitely would be making a comeback in memories ad mere flashback only.

Although in the first season, the audience saw the end\death of Catherine at the pope’s hands. So it is not the first time where some of the other members of the family died in the series. It is also followed by the Baz’s character died in the third season.

In season 4, which got released in 2019, it has gained immense fans’ support and popularity and since then every fan is waiting for the 5th season now.

Animal Kingdom Season 5: Will it release this year?

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Due to this ongoing situation of the global pandemic and it’s spread worldwide, we can’t say that season 5 would be released this year. The official announcement for the date is yet to be announced by the TNT but as per the sources, it might get launched early in 2021.

Still, the show has started it’s production for the upcoming season which is more likely to be consisting a total number of 13 episodes like for season 2, 3, and 4. Still, everyone would miss smurf but it would also be very exciting to watch the body’s family managing their business without her now.

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