Marvel Theory: Phase 4 of MCU Introduces old Loki!!

MCU phase 4-Loki Updates: Marvel Cinematic universe had taken several steps to introduce multiple versions of Loki on Disney+, and there was also an old Loki. Phase 4 of the Marvel cinematic universe confirmed the old Loki on Disney+. Loki TV series is one of the upcoming TV series. on the other hand, the god of mischief is a wanted and famous character in the MCU.  In this series, Tom Hiddleston will perform his role as Loki. I am sure he will come back to MCU.

During the Avengers: endgame”s, the conclusion shows that the team was failing to take the infinity stones, but Loki had used the stone to escape and he will be performing his role on Disney+ series. Hiddleston is one of the most main characters at MCU and shows he was confirmed to return back in phase 4 of MCU.

MCU phase 4: Loki official plotlines

The Loki series is one of the upcoming series and still know there are no official plotlines for this series. we may expect the time travel events in this series. This scene was officially revealed by the Marvel studios. Loki was imprisoned by the time variance authority, and one of the organization protects the multiverse. On the other hand, Loki and Owen Wilson are working together.

These are the expected storyline which was revealed by Marvel studios and also in Disney+.  Fans are expecting other two familiar characters in this series and they include Mbatha Raw and Richard E. Grant, these characters haven’t confirmed.

This popular series will reveal the multiverse characters of Loki and the entire series had confirmed to reveal the second version of Loki. This series will show the lifestyle of Loki. Another character emerges in this story and it was a lady Loki. The production team had already announced that there was a lady Loki in this series.  The Loki character will always be in a part of Marvel Studios. Loki will play his role as a superhero and there is no other chance to become a villain in this series.

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