Love on the Spectrum Netflix is ready to Release the series and What viewers think about the show?

Love on the Spectrum Updates: ‘Love on the Spectrum’ Is a Crash Course in How to Bounce Back from Rejection: The show is about seven adults on the autism spectrum dive headfirst into the dating pool, exploring the unpredictable world of love and relationship which is produced by Northern Pictures for the ABC.

What is it about

Netflix hit the Australian reality series Love on the Spectrum premiered in 2020.  The show follows several individuals with autism as they date and enter into romantic relationships.

While people with disabilities are often painted monochromatically in the media, this show is a chance for those on the autism spectrum to be portrayed realistically, and for the rest of the world to realize that they fall in love just like us.

The series has five episodes, but it’s already been renewed for a second season, which is already in production. This isn’t surprising, as the first season’s finale drew almost half a million viewers in Australia alone.

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Viewers say that ‘Love on the Spectrum’ has taught them a lesson:

People who’ve watched the show seem to unanimously love it and some even feel like watching the cast members has taught them a thing about dating.

On a recent Reddit thread, fans discussed what they love about the show. “Just starting and I love this! It feels so pure and raw” One Redditor shared that they love the way the characters handle rejection.

They’re probably referring to the fact that when dates don’t go well, the cast seems to be willing to try again and again until they find true love. We could all certainly learn a thing or two from that kind of never give up attitude.

Fans just love the show and can’t wait for season 2. Many people seem to have watched the first season in one sitting, considering the first season has only 5 episodes. Lucky for all of us, Season 2 is on its way. Here’s to hoping that future seasons have more episodes.

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