Cobra Kai season 3: Release date and renewed for another sequel 

Cobra Kai is all set to arrive on Netflix with its third season in early 2021 and has already come up with the news for making another sequel which is the fourth season of the show.

The show has been a gigantic hit on Netflix, so the production and streamers took no longer to demand another season of The Karate Kid spin-off series. Netflix has officially announced the release of Cobra Kai on 8 January 2021 and the renewal of the 4th season.

Netflix on Cobra kai

The production of season 3 has already wrapped up a few months back. Originally the series was a part of YouTube, developed the show in collaboration with SonyTV.
Youtube decided to drop the idea of making an original series ‘

‘Cobra Kai”, which was later shopped by SonyTV but Netflix showed great interest and grabbed the show with an enticing offer.

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Netflix also bought the rights of the first two seasons of the respective series. The show has been on the top rating list ever since and Netflix didn’t put a second thought before ordering another season of the show.

The storyline of season 3

Cobra Kai alleged to pick up the events that happened after 30 years in The Karate Kid with Daniel LaRusso as a successful businessman. He owns several car dealerships with his school time bully Johnny Lawerence down on his luck.

They united to re-emerge their passion for martial arts by opening a new academy named Cobra Kai. They ultimately rekindle to find his way back to the lessons and teachings of karate that Mr. Miyagi taught him before passing away.

On the contrary, Johnny creates his new life by teaching a new generation of Cobra Kai students. The first teaser of season 3 resumes from the end of the cliffhanger that the second season left us all in.

Get ready to recreate your nostalgia and indulge in martial arts as Cobra Kai is returning back with its season third on Netflix on the 8th of January next year, 2021.

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