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Haikyu Episode 15: Release Date and Times for International Premiere

Haikyu Episode 15 Release Date and Times for International Premiere
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Haikyu has already made its return last week and resumption to the top season, but the question is at what date and time the fans can view the episode 15 of the show all around the world?
As we all know anime and manga are the new obsession of the viewers and Haikyu the Japanese manga has managed to be one of them. The latest season of the hit anime To the top has made its come back from the mid-season break to a fantastic blowout.

But the anticipation of the fans raises a question that at what time and date Haikyu To the top season episode 15 will release in their respective province?


Haikyu Episode 15-Release Date and Times for International Premiere

The 15th episode of Haikyu will release on October 9th or Saturday, October 10th depending on your area location. You can watch the anime on Crunchyroll and VRV. The anime is available in multiple subtitles and the timings are as per the previous releasing schedule of Crunchyroll. The anime is releasing new episodes very Saturday in Japan.


You can watch the upcoming episode at the following timings.

  • In pacific time episode 15 is planned to release at 11:45 AM on Friday, 9th of October.
  • The central timing of the Haikyu 15 episode is 1:45 PM on Friday, 9th October.
  • The eastern timing of the 15th episode of Haikyu is scheduled at 2:45 PM on Friday at 9 October.
  • The British summer timing of the release of the 15th episode is scheduled at 7:45 PM on the 9th of October.
  • The Moscow timing of the release of the 15th episode is 9:45 PM on Friday 9th October.
  • In India, the Haikyu To the top will be release at 12:15 AM standard time on Saturday, the 10th of October.
  • In Australia, the 15th episode will be scheduled at 5:15 AM Australia central time on Saturday, October 10th.

So mark your calendars and get ready to binge-watch the episodes of most awaited series Haikyu. Hope that the upcoming episode is filled with thrill and excitement and fulfills the expectations of fans.

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