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Greys Anatomy: Views of Audience on Changing Attitude of Miranda Bailey.

Grey's Anatomy Views of Audience on Changing Attitude of Miranda Bailey.

Greys Anatomy Updates: From one of the few characters that are with Grey’s Anatomy since it’s release one is Dr. MiRanda Bailey. Till now sixteen years are over but recently fans are not able to witness that spark in this character.

When Bailey first debut, she represents a tough, nonsense boss with ultimate ego. Sometimes interns even call her ‘The Nazi’. Just because of her cold heart. Meanwhile, her strict and arrogant behavior represents her. But as the show steps up towards further story soft and warmer side of her reveals. She even starts helping interns whoo need help.

Over a few seasons, her impact on the audience seems to be changing. She is emerging as a motherly figure keeping her cold heart image aside.

Greys Anatomy: Audience views on Bailey Attitude

Greys Anatomy

Fans do not blame her character or cast Chandra Wilson for this inappropriate change. According to the show’s storyline and creations are responsible for this unfavorable change. This change in her personality is not a sudden change but slowly com up from season to season.

That one incessant that clearly represents her changing attitude is the firing of Dr. Meredith Grey. The matter was Grey commit insurance fraud to fund his child’s cancer surgery. So she breaks the rules to save a life. Earlier also rules use to break but not as a life savior.

This thing according to viewers is just out of the box thing for Bailey. Nobody can understand why she commits fraud when she herself owns a hospital. Bailey as the chief surgeon fires Grey as there is no other way left. The thing that fans are most upset about is the firing of Dr. Webber and Dr. Kreb. This because they try to cover up the matter of scam.

While Bailey used to a loved character by the fans. But fans now seem to loose I set in it. They blame the scrip writers for that. According to the writers are responsible for degrading this character and the plot of the show. If this continues there may be a downfall in the viewership of the upcoming season due to unhappy viewers and audience.

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