The Big Bang Theory: 5 Reasons The Characters Changed For The Better and 5 For The Worse

The Big Bang theory series gave us one of the best groups of friends we will always adore. Sheldon, Leonard, Penny, Raj, Howard, Amy, and Bernadette have been through almost everything from heartbreaks to scientific breakthroughs and undoubtedly, changed immensely over the 12 seasons. Let’s see how they changed for the better or worse.

The Big Bang Theory: 5 Reason For the better

10. Sheldon started loving and understanding more:

Unlike season 1, Sheldon was seen letting his guards down when he fell in love with Amy. Also, Penny and his bond made him way more understanding and thankfully, gave us the best quotes of the series from him.

9. Howard matured with time:

Though one of the funniest characters on the show, Howard was always desperate to land on a woman and crossed lines with Penny and even slept with his cousin! He started maturing after meeting Dr. Stephanie Barnadette and it was the best thing that ever happened to him.

8. Raj’s independence:

Raj’s sudden click to cut off from his parents financially and not let them pay his bills definitely made him a better man.

7. Amy got the life she always wanted:

Even colder then Sheldon, Amy had the best glow up on the show and turned into this beautiful, caring lady. She had a happy marriage, a group of friends, and even won the Nobel Prize

6. Penny finally started focusing:

Realizing that acting wasn’t for her and becoming a pharmaceutical sales rep with Bernadette’s guidance was a real breakthrough in Penny’s life

5 Reason For the worse

The Big Bang Theory 5 Reasons The Characters

5. Penny’s a drinking problem

Penny’s drinking took an ugly turn by the 12th season. When she gave up acting and adjusted completely in her and Leonard’s marriage, she was seen drinking more and more and not in her usually bubbly kind of way. Though questioned by fans, her drinking problem was not confirmed

4. Leonard became too comfortable

The intelligent and handsome Leonard was somehow left behind by the other characters who achieved numerous goals by season 12. After marrying Penny, he cheated on her and not only did he suffer personally, he suffered professionally too. He was capable of much more.

3. Bernadette resented Howard

Though responsible for the better man Howard had become, she started controlling him in season 12. She resented him for always choosing his mom and even stopped him from going to space.

2. Raj didn’t learn much about love

Though we have a list of Raj’s love interest throughout all the seasons, he never found a perfect match and for a man as lovely as him, he sure didn’t learn a thing about love.

1.Sheldon’s shell habits

Though Sheldon changed a lot for the better, he was still controlling as ever and still had habits that were hard to break and not were in his best interests.

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