Last week tonight with John Oliver: Interesting News and all information you need to know so far!!!

This series is one of the American web TV series and was created by John Oliver. The entire series was directed by Joe Perrota, Christopher Werner, Jim Hoskinson, Paul Pennolino, Bruce Leddy. The United States is the country of origin and English is the original language of this series.

The series “last week tonight with john Oliver” is presented by HBO. This series was produced by so many members and it was produced by John Oliver, Tim Carvell, Liz Stanton, James Taylor, Jon Thoday.

This series was first premiered in April 2014 and it becomes more famous among the Americans. John Oliver had presented seven seasons and I hope he will also present a new season in the same series. yet, we have to wait for a new opening for this series.

Last week tonight with John Oliver; Donald trump statement

There were no new episodes for this series and I am sure the new episodes will be presented by HBO.  John Oliver was working heavily to make the next season.

This daily show discovers a current affair in America and also all around the world. In last season, he tells about president Donald Trump.

Trump made the statement “build the wall” and he also guaranteed to build the wall at the southern border.  He also made the announcement that Mexico will pay the debts to build the wall. This statement was agreed upon by some people, but the same statement made the people angry.

After four years, there was an election in America then again the border wall issue came to the question mark.

On the other hand, Bannon and others had shared the fund money for their personal use.  The statement “build the wall”  was clearly explained by Oliver and he also discovers the truth after four years.

Oliver decided to find the entire news about this news and so he made a team to find the place.  The entire news reveals more thrilling to watch the scenes.

I hope fans get satisfied with the above information. stay tuned to discover more new about this series.

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