Summertime Season 2: Is there another series?

Summertime Season 2 Updates: The series “Summertime” is one of the fantastic Italian web TV series. The entire series was based on the genre of drama.

This series was based on the name three masters above the sky which was written by Federico Moccia.  This series was developed by two members Mirko Cetrangolo and Anita Rivaroli.  This series was directed by Francesco Lagi and Lorenzo Sporteillo.

There were three editors for this series and they include Guiseppe Trepiccione, Alberto Masi, and Marco Signoretti. Cattleya is the production company of this series. The entire series was presented by the original network Netflix.

The music of this series was composed y Giorgio Poi. Donatella Di Benedetto is the executive producer of this series. There were four producers in this series and they include Marco Chimez, Francessa Longardi, Giovanni Stabilini, and Riccardo Tozzi.

The same production team will also return in this series.  The production location of this series was set in two locations and they are Emilia Romagna and Lazio. The cinematography of this series was done by Federico Schlatter. Let us discuss the release date and all information about this series.

The very first season was released on April 29, 2020, and the second season will be revealed released as soon as possible.

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The story of this series follows the summer and this role was played by the character Coco Rebecca Edogamhe and she was longing to leave her small town and she also decided to see the rest of the world. On the other hand, she also meets motorcycle Ale.

Summertime Season 2 Cast and Characters

These two peoples have their opposite lifestyles and they also come from different backgrounds.  One fine day, Summer planned to spent his days with Ale.

Both of them become very good friends and they also decided to start their relationship forever.  Netflix had decided to present the second season and it was also officially confirmed by the production team.

There were so many characters and they are Edogamhe, Tersigni, Andrea Lattanzi as Dario, Amanda Campana’s Sofia, Giovanni Maini’s Edo, Alicia Anna Edogamhe as  Blue. These characters are confirmed to return in this series.  At the end of the series, We all see that Ale and Summer’s relationship continued and the second series will also have the same relationship between them.

I hope the above updates will satisfy the fan clubs. So stay tuned to discover more information about this series.


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