Ban On PUBG Confirmed By Indian Government, PUBG Corp. Talk With Reliance Jio  

One of the senior government officials of India has confirmed that the ban of the famous mobile games PUBG is not going to put off any soon.
Though the official proposed a distinct reason to persist the ban which is the violent nature of the game.

Reason To Ban PUBG

The individual kept his identity unrevealed as they are not certainly permitted to speak on the sensitive matter of PUBG Corp. serving links with Chinese publisher Tencent Games. And the prime cause of the ban still remains in the complaint raised due to the aggressive virtue of the game.

The source remarked the Reuters that ” The violent nature of the game hs been the cause of many complaints from all quarters. That necessarily does not change with the changes in the ownership rights.”

What The PUBG CORP. Has To Say

On contrary, the spokesperson of PUBG CORP. confirmed that the company is in the process of talks with the Indian telecommunication Reliance Jio, and the approach is ongoing.
They stated that ” We had initial talks with Jio Platform to seek cooperation opportunities but nothing is decided yet.”

Ban On PUBG Confirmed By Indian Government, PUBG Corp. Talk With Reliance Jio  

There were reports that the talk also surfaced with Mumbai-based telecom but both are parties declined any comment. But in the recent report, clear prospects are witnessed about the upliftment of the ban that is almost impossible.

Other Mobiles Apps are Banned Too

Along with PUBG mobile, there are 117 other apps to be on the list of ban from iOS and Android mobile app stores on 1 September. The government has already banned 59 apps on June 15 including apps like Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and Clash of Kings.

Although one of the few games not to be banned is Call of Duty Mobile with ties with Tencent too.

PUBG mobile was one of the most popular games in the country and is typical amongst youth and teenagers. With its multiplayer facilities, vibrant environment, action-packed dynamics, and endemic sponsors, the game has managed to create a buzz earlier. But as of recent the game has come to rest with the ban.

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