American Horror Story: Sarah Paulson Returning For Season 10

To all the fans waiting for another spooky season of American Horror Story. You have to hold a bit for the launch of season 10. The ongoing crisis delayed the release a bit but Sarah Paulson comments urged that it will be worth the wait.

What is the theme of the season 10

Ryan Murphy, the co-creator of American Horror Story teased the theme of the 10th season soon after the main cast list was announced in Feb 2020 by sharing a video of the beach. In August he dropped a hint with an Instagram post of razor-sharp teeth.

Though Murphy hasn’t confirmed anything and there might be a change in gears due to delayed production.
He stated the ”it was a weather-dependent show after the wrap in May. I don’t know what ill do next with the show and accelerate another season soon or wait till next years.”

Sarah Paulson says about the theme of the season 10

In the latest interview with Harper’s Bazar published in September 2020. Sarah responded to a few of the theories on American Horror Story 10.

As one of them, suggest the FX series will indulge in area 51 and alien. Murphy somehow touched this concern of viewers to see about space in the upcoming season with her virtue of not denying this theory and stated ” I am going to get in so much trouble.”

Meanwhile back in October 2019, In an interview with Tv guide, makers also dropped a major hint about a water-themed season with creatures like Loch Ness monsters or mermaids in eight episodes of season 10. although Paulson didn’t give a serious remark on it.

Role of Sarah Paulson in the latest season

Sarah Paulson confirmed the role she is doing when the FX on the Hulu series is released and it is the same role she desired. Her debut with AHS: Apocalypse episode return to the murder house. she said ”I hope to be directing the new series. I hope that will, come to fruition.”

She added that ” I would really like to have another opportunity to be in that world. I would like to do more of it. Bui also likes to have an experience of doing it, I would love to be in that world.
That said she would star in the new spin-off.

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