Kim Kardashian’s Blue Lagoon Video trending on Instagram with 2.9 million views

Kaim Karadhian is famous with her curves and her instagram stories with her children and nieces in this worldwide lockdown. She had shared a video of her with son of taking bath in The Blue Lagoon and the post has hit 2.9 million views in just 24 hours and trending on Instagram.

Every Kardashian sisters has shown their love on the posts and celebrities are talking about this.

Watch Kim Kardashian’s Blue Lagoon Video

In the video we can see that the Kim kardashian is enjoying the water with her children. The 39-year-old model and businesswoman looking really fabulous with her children. Firstly Kim jumped into the water in Bikini and then she asked her son to jump in, after few seconds her son also jumped into the lagoon and they started playing in the water.


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