Solo Leveling Chapter 121 Leaked Release Date, Cast, Plot, Spoilers and Other Details

Solo Leveling Chapter 121 Updates: We all are aware of the release of the previous chapter of Solo Leveling. Here is another piece of good news for its a fan. The next chapter of solo leveling is also knocking at the door. To learn more about the Solo Leveling and it’s a new chapter, let’s proceed to read more below.

In the previous chapter, we all have already acknowledged that hunter Sung Jin-woo getting ready to raid the A position dark prison. Along with this, we were also introduced to the children who suddenly come across a new gate that has been opened in their school. To their astonishment, it was not any normal gate but a very strange kind which was busted and from it, critters appeared and started to smack the children.

The Plot

This will bring to us the A-Rank jail.  We will come across Beru, slaughtering every single live beast appearing on its way. Later in the plot, we shall come to know that knight’s Guild hunters will only gather runestone of their beast.

Moving ahead we will see how the Beru and the ants will not leave a single beast in the prison and slaughter every undead one on the way. Further, we will see Guroktaru is on the verge of checking the students. We see him getting enraged soon as he sights lumps around the trunk of Jin-ah.

Guroktaru pleads the soldiers to shoot out each and every student and together with that, he asks the orcs to stay glued to the students being taken out. However, Jin-woo later discovers that not a single orc is left behind. All have been demolished.  Further, in the terminating scene we see Jin-woo trying to hold Gurokatru against the hold and clenching him tight against his throat.

Park Jon Soo will decide to collect the rest of the runestone by calling down the main of the prison. The supervisor of the prison is Arc Lich who is known to control the dead.

Release Date of Solo Leveling Chapter 121:

The date is not yet out. However, we can expect it to be hitting around the corner.

Release Date of Solo Leveling Chapter 120:

This season is all set to be published on 23 September 2020.  So let us just wait for its screening.

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