Solo Leveling Chapter 120 Release Date, Release Time, Spoilers Revealed and What to Expect

Solo Leveling Chapter 120 Updates: Chapter 120 of Solo Levelling is only a few days away. However, the major question is when will the next chapter release in your country, and what are the spoiler that is leaked for Chapter 120?

Typically, it is very difficult for a manga or any other webtoon novel to carry a similar level of hype and excitement that will lead to the release of its next season. Solo leveling has managed to maintain the excitement in the audience and fans of the show and is coming with its Season 2.

Here is all that you should know about the upcoming season of the show. When do we expect the next chapter of the new season to release? Also, there have been a few spoilers circulated on social media.

Release Date of Solo Leveling Chapter 120

The excitement of the audience of the series reaches another level whenever the release date of a new episode comes closer. Chapter 120 will be releasing on Wednesday, September 23, 2020. The wait is over and only a few hours are left before the release of a new episode.

At What time will Solo Leveling Chapter 120 Out 

The upcoming chapter of the show is expected to release at midnight according to the Korean Standard Time. However, the English translations of the show will also be made available for the international audience. Following will be the time of release:

  • Pacific Daylight Time: 10 AM on September 23
  • Central Daylight Time: midnight on September 23
  • Eastern Daylight Time: 1 PM on September 23
  • British Daylight Time: 6 PM on September 23


In the upcoming chapter, Jin-Woo will be instructing Guroktaru to stand still as he will be conducting a check on the students. However, he will get infuriated as he will see bruises on the neck of Jin-ah. He orders the soldiers to take each student outside. At the same time, Guroktaru also secretly orders two orcs to follow the students who are being taken out.

However, Jin-woo ends up noticing this. All the orcs are demolished. The terminating scene shows how Jin-woo is holding Guroktaru against the wall, holding him from his throat.

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