Quanzhi Fashi Season 4 Release Date, Cast, Plot and Every Detail you want to know

Quanzhi Fashi Season 4 Updates: The fans of Chinese anime series have been persistently increasing in the last few years. The production of Chinese anime series has also increased. With every new release, anime manages to impress all the viewers.

However, after a long wait of two years, Otakus and Weebs are back with a new season of Quanzhi Fashi. It is going to be filled with lots of thrill, adventure, and drama.

Full-Time Magister, popularly known as Quanzhi Fashi is a fantasy anime series based on a Chinese web novel written by the author of Chaos. This unfolds the answer to the question of what will happen if a young man enters the imaginative world, the one that exists in fairy tales? It is expected that the protagonist will prove himself the strongest by using his intelligence and being tenacious.

Release Date of Quanzhi Fashi Season 4

The 4th season of the show is highly anticipated by the viewers. The season was expected to release in the fall of 2019. However, it is late in its release. The initial three-season followed the pattern of beginning in September and ending in December of 2016, 2017, and 2019 respectively. 

However, the fourth season did not release in September 2019. It was released in 2020. The first episode of the fourth season went live on May 27, 2020. It comprised a total of 12 episodes. 

The Cast of Quanzhi Fashi Season 4

The popular voice actors of the industry have taken part in giving voice to the characters of the show. Liu Yuxuan has given voice to the protagonist of the show, Mo Fan. Wen Xiaoyi will be giving voice to Mu Ning Xue. Zhu Jun will be seen as Ye Xinxia and Shen Dawei will be seen as Zhiang Xiaohou.

The storyline of the show

The story of the show follows the life of a young man who gets teleported to a parallel universe which is a magical world. Though he is transported abruptly, he did not lose his calm. Mo Fan decided to learn magic. He learned the magic of fire and lightning even though he did not possess a high aptitude.

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