The Promise Neverland Season 2: Possible plot lines and all latest updates

The Promise Neverland Season 2 Updates:  This series is one of the Japanese manga series and was written by Kaiu Shirai. The entire script of this series was really awesome to watch this anime series on netflix. Many of the anime lovers are eagerly waiting to watch this series as it was based on the genre of science fiction. In the previous season, there were nearly 37 chapters and each chapter reveals a fantastic storyline. Let us wait for a new beginning.

The Promise Neverland Season 2: Possible Plotlines

There were no official plotlines regarding the second season and it will be revealed as soon as possible in future days. let us discuss a previous season storyline.

In this series, there were 38 children and they are living in the orphanage. One of the ladies named Isabella takes care of these 38 kids.  Isabella is like a mom for all of the children. Another character emerges in this story named Emma and she wrote her exams with her best friends, Ray and Norman.  There were some demons in this story and the entire story continues in an interesting manner. yet, we have to wait for a better storyline. Let us wait and watch this series.

Cast and Characters

There were so many voice characters in this series and some of the voice characters include Sumire Moroboshi as Emma, Maaya Uchida as norman, Mariya ise as ray, shinei Ueki as a don, Lynn as Gilda, hiyori Kono as Phil, Yuuko Mori, yuko kaida as Isabella, Ryan Bartley as Gilda, laura Megan Stahl as ray, Jeannie tirdo as norman, Cristina Valenzuela as Thoma, Cedric L. Williams as a don, etc….

The above voice characters will come back in this series. yet, we have to wait for some more new voice characters for this series.

The Promise Neverland Season 2  Release date

This series was first released in the year 2019. The producers are planned to reveal the next season in the year of 2020. But due to the pandemic effect of the COVID-19 situation, the release date was delayed. yet, we have to wait for a new release date for this series.

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