Handmaid Tale’s Season 4: Expected Plot, Release Date, and Other Exciting Details

Handmaid Tale’s Season 4
Handmaid Tale’s Season 4

Developed by Bruce Miller, the dystopian tragedy drama The Handmaid’s Tale has captivated all the spectators with its three remarkable seasons. In fact, the show has been renewed for another season last year. But because of the coronavirus pandemic, the shooting got postponed. The plot, script, direction, cast, etc. each and everything is so fascinating, that the series got 13 nominations! More so, it also received the Golden Globe award. Now it is to see what wonders would Handmaid Tale’s Season 4 bring for the audience. Here is everything that you need to know about the web series.

When would Handmaid Tale’s Season 4 possibly release?

The shooting of Handmaid Tale’s Season got delayed not only due to the global pandemic but also there are a few underlying issues. According to the sources, the prevalent actress of the series Elizabeth Moss became busy for filming another project namely “The Invisible Man”. When she finally made some time to shoot for Handmaid Tale, the health crisis occurred. Though neither the makers nor the cast mentioned its release date, the estimations are pointing to the mid of 2021.

What could be the plot of Handmaid Tale’s Season 4?

Unfortunately, we have not come across to the storyline that the next instalment could adapt. However, based on the last streak, we can assume the framework of Handmaid Tale’s Season 4. Since the last season ended with a cliffhanger where the fellow handmaidens of June swept her away, the upcoming season is likely to begin from there only.

Moreover, season 3 also showed that children accomplished to escape and reached Canada. Thus, the next season might portray their journey in the new country. Moreover, we saw Serena getting arrested in the concluding part of the third season. Thus, the viewers could also get to see what happens to her in future. Speaking of the cast, all the major cast of the previous season are going to remain the same.