Master of None Season 3: Will it appear?

Master of None Season 3 is going through a huge controversy. The spectators are eagerly waiting to know whether or not it will appear on Netflix. Well, it is true that the streaming platform is a bit annoyed with the show creator Aziz Ansari. The former date of the actor has put some allegations on him. She stated that Ansari tried to threw himself on her forcefully. Further reports suggest that the actor accepted the allegations and apologized to her. Now, the question is – will there be another season? In this post, we will discuss all the latest news about the show that we got to know this far.

Is the show cancelled?

For those who do not, the lead actor of the show himself created the show. In fact, he has written the storyline of the previous season on the basis of his real-life events. Despite all the mishaps, Netflix finally stated that if Ansari has prepared the script, there could be a possibility of releasing Master of None Season 3. However, the actor is yet to confirm whether he has started working on the upcoming project.

Plot synopsis of the show

As mentioned earlier, the plot of the show is chiefly grounded on the life story of Aziz Ansari. He presented himself by the name Dev who is a 30-year old actor. The plot proceeds showing Dev as a struggling artist. He goes on auditions and dates. The viewers also got to see his relationship with Rachel.

In the previous season, the spectators came across that Dev took on the job of the pasta maker. There, he fell in love with his mistress’s granddaughter. But it was not possible for him to stay with her since he was already in a relationship.

Season 2 concluded with a cliffhanger showing Francesca lying beside Dev. Since then, the fans are dying to unfold the mysteries in Master of None Season 3,  which is only possible if Ansari comes up with a new script.

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