Monster Musume Season 2 Arriving soon on Netflix & Every Other Detail Fans Should Know

Hepburn: Monsuta Musume no Iru Nichijo, “Everyday Life with Monster Girls.” Monster Musume is a Japanese manga series. Okayado is the writer, as well as the illustrator. The series first came in the limelight, when Tokuma Shouten published it in Monthly Comic Ryu in Japan, and Seven Seas Entertainment published in the US.

The anime adaptation of the series aired between July to September 2015 and licensed by Santai Filmworks. Undoubtedly, the vast characters and storylines have an impact on the audience. The interspecies encounter is something to show the kindness of humans. And the creativity of the writer.

Monster Musume Season 2: Release Date

The first season of anime started on July 6, 2015, and concluded on September 22, 2015. After the massive success and popularity of the series, the audience is eagerly waiting for the second season.

Its been almost five years, and makers have not broken the ice for the release date of season 2. Although, the makers have announced for renewal.

At last, we can only anticipate the expected dates. However, COVID-19 has put a halt to each new season of every series. We do not want to misguided you, but hopefully, we can expect it at the start of 2021.

Monster Musume Season 2: Plot

The story pirouette around the struggling of a student, Kimihito Kurusu, after the announcement of the “Interspecies Cultural Exchange” program by the government.

This program gives a chance to mythical species like mermaid, harpies, centaurs, and lamias, to live along with human lives. On the other hand, he refuses to participate in this program and take shelter in his home. This struggle goes on in season 1 and hopefully will continue in season 2.

Cast and Characters Of The Show

This fantasy series included mermaids and the secret existence of the creatures. An anime series with lots of variety and quality characters have made the audience go crazy. The figures included Kimhito Kurusu, the protagonist, the voice given by Junji Majima.

Another interesting aspect is a complement of the snake and human, lamia, Miia, voiced by Sora Amamiya. Papi is a harpy, for which Ari Ozawa has given his voice. Centorea “Cerea” Shianus, a centaur, expressed by Natsuki Aikawa, and many more to go.

Monster Musume Season 2: Storyline

Since ages, the Japanese government has kept mythical creatures secretly like centaurs, harpies, lamias, and mermaids. Suddenly, in a year government revealed this hidden secret and started an “Interspecies Cultural Exchange Act.” Since then, the creatures get a chance to live with humans and known as “liminal.”

In Asaka, Saitama, a student Kimihito Kurusu refuse to become a part of this act. Eventually, when Kuroko Smith comes to his door, his heart denies sending her away, and lives together. Despite the refusal, he manages to live along with many creatures in his house with harmony and peace.

A new rule came, in which the human-liminal relationship has to give a name, and to that, every human has to marry a liminal. Competition increases between female liminal to grab Kimihito’s attention. This unpleasant situation brings a lot of annoyance and embarrassment.

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