Wakfu Season 4 When Will It Release On Netflix? & What We Know So Far

Anime lovers all over the world surely love to see an excellent thrilling storyline and a punch. Well, here is a piece of good news waiting for them. Wakfu happens to be a top favorite among all anime lovers. The series was originally a game, which later turned into an anime series for the broad audience.

Anikama Animation produces Wakfu. The show is in French, and it is terrific. The first episode released on 28th October 2008, and there was no looking back. The show also has a spin-off based on it, called ‘Mini Wakfu.’ It is a humourous show expressed in the chibi style. With an IMDB rating of 8.3 out of 10, this show has touched many hearts.

Release Date: Wakfu Season 4

The world is in a bit of turmoil right now as it is going through a pandemic. All the productions have halted, and there is little hope when it comes to new releases. But we do have good news.

The series is back for a fourth and final season, as announced on 7th May 2020. it is probably their concluding season of the series. A campaign has also launched to fund the production costs of the last ad final season. But the COVID pandemic has stopped everything.

Even though we do not know when we shall bet to see it, we understand that some news will appear by the end of 2020. We shall not lose hope thus! This show will arrive by the end of 2021.

Plot: Wakfu Season 4

The plot revolves around a boy named Yugo, who discovers his hidden superpowers on his 12th birthday.  He sets out on a journey along with his friends to face some real challenges. He tries to find his family and fights off evil forces too.

Wakfu Season 4-

In the previous season, Yugo joins forces with his friends to form the ‘Brotherhood of the Tofu.’ The next season will also continue along these lines. We might get to see Amelia and Yugo deepen their bond.

In the upcoming season, we will see how Yugo enters the realm of the Gods with his friends and faces new challenges. Season 4 will have lots of twists, so we are excited for them!

Cast and Characters: Wakfu Season 4

Wakfu is a show that airs in French, but it dubs in English too. Hence there is a large cast for the show, both french voice actors and English voice actors. As far as the reports go, we don’t think there will be any changes in the cast this season.

Fanny Bloc voices the character of Yugo in French and Erika Harlacher in English. Adeline Chetail expresses princess Amelia in French and Christine Marie Cabanos in English. There are no new updates regarding any new character, but you will get to know as soon as the makers let us know.

Season 4 Trailer

Due to the pandemic, all productions have stopped for now. So the possibility of seeing a teaser is far off. But we do hope to see one by the end of this year. We shall not lose hope.

Stay tuned for all updates!

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