The Tourist Season 3 “Potentials” Updates for Jamie Dorman Starrer Series!

The Tourist Season 2 was released on 29th February 2024, it has been only 2 months and fans are going crazy for Season 3 of the Netflix Series!

If you remember Jamie Dornan from his Christian Grey days – you might just be crushing on his new look in ‘The Tourist’. Viewers can’t get enough of him and Danielle McDonald in BBC’s Australian thriller and if you’ve already completed the second season, chances are you are wondering if there is hope for a third season.

For others, you may want to go back and check Dornan’s new distinguished, suave look – not because of his plain good looks, but because he has done a fabulous job in the previous seasons!

The debut season revolves around Elliott (Dornan) being chased through the Aussie outback and when his car veers off the main road and crashes, he blacks out and soon wakes up in a hospital without knowing what happened. With the help of Probationary Constable Helena Chambers (McDonald), both of them set out on a self-discovery journey.

In the second season, Elliott and Helen embark on a journey to Ireland in hopes of unraveling the mystery around the former’s true identity. However, when they get there, things don’t go quite as planned as the duo are confronted by a dangerous aftermath of Elliot’s past.

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What’s the News The Tourist Season 3?

The Tourist Season 3

Although BBC has not given an official announcement about whether The Tourist Season 3 would be returning, Jamie Dornan certainly spoke about how there have been “conversations” about a Season 3, and that he would be “very busy, for the next couple of years”.

Dornan added that if a third season takes happen – it would most likely take place in Holland as that’s where the events of the second season were left off.

The next season will likely pick up from the cliffhanger at the end of the second season.

However, there aren’t any definite confirmations and Dornan was left saying “Everyone’s busy! I’m busy, Danielle’s busy. So, we will see, but they’ve left the option open, I think.”