Celebrities Who Have Ophidiophobia (Fear of Snakes)?

Ophidiophobia means fear of Snakes. Imagine your favorite celebrities, the ones you see on TV or in movies.

Now, did you know that some of them have a fear of snakes? Yes, it’s true! This fear is called ophidiophobia.

So, while these stars may be brave on screen, these celebrities can feel a bit nervous when dealing with real snakes.

Thus, it’s a reminder that even our favorite stars have some unique fears. Here in this article, we will discuss some of the celebrities who are scared of snakes. So, if you are curious to know about celebrities having Ophidiophobia then keep reading this article till the end.

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Celebrities Having Ophidiophobia (Fear Of Snakes)

1. Matt Damon

Matt Damon
Yahoo Finance

Matt Damon is a famous Hollywood actor who is scared of snakes. He’s so good at acting that in 2007, Forbes listed him as one of the most successful actors. All the movies he’s been in have made more than $3.88 billion in North America alone. That’s a lot of money! He’s won many awards for his acting.

But here’s the interesting part – Matt Damon is afraid of snakes, and this fear is called ophidiophobia. You could see how scared he was when they had snakes on the set of the movie “We Bought A Zoo.” He cried a lot and rocked back and forth because the snakes were all over the place.

2. Nadine Coyle

Nadine Coyle
Daily Mail

Nadine Coyle is a famous person who is known for singing, writing songs, acting, and modeling. She comes from Ireland.

Nadine has a strong fear of several animals. These animals include dogs, cats, snakes, spiders, and rodents. Specifically, her fear of snakes is known as Ophidiophobia. So, whenever she encounters snakes, it makes her feel very scared and uneasy.

3. Ainsley Harriott

Ainsley Harriott
The Guardian

Ainsley Harriott, a famous chef and TV host from England, is scared of snakes, which is called ophidiophobia. Lots of people share this fear with him. Apart from cooking, Ainsley is great at making people laugh and singing. He teamed up with his school friend Paul Boross to create the Calypso Twins.

In the early 1990s, they made a popular song titled “World Party.” The Calypso Twins were well-known performers at places like the Comedy Store and Jongleurs. They even took their act to America and appeared on various TV and radio shows.

4. Johhny Cash

Johhny Cash
Rolling Stone

Johnny Cash was a famous American who sang songs, wrote music, and acted in movies. He often sang about feeling sad, facing tough choices, and finding ways to make things better, especially later in his life. Lots of people loved his music, and he sold more than 90 million records all around the world.

Despite his success, he was afraid of two things: snakes and flying in airplanes. The fear of snakes is called ophidiophobia, and the fear of flying is called aerophobia. It’s common for people to feel scared of these things.