Kagurabachi Chapter 28: Is Sojo Dead?

When Is Kagurabachi Chapter 28 Coming? Well, fans are eagerly awaiting Kagurabachi Chapter 28, set to release soon. In the previous chapter, a new character named Yuu Inazuma entered Rakuzaichi building to rescue his sister but got captured by guards.

Luckily, Chihiro Rokuhira appeared wielding the powerful Enchanted Blade, Kuregumo, and rescued him. If you’re a fan of this manga, you might be wondering about the release date and where to read Chapter 28.

Here’s all you need to know about it. So, keep reading this article until the end to know in detail everything about Chapter 28 of Kagurabachi.

When Is Kagurabachi Chapter 28 Coming?

Kagurabachi Chapter 28

Chapter 28 of Kagurabachi will come out on Monday, April 8, 2024, at midnight in Japan. But if you live outside Japan, you might get it a day earlier, on April 7, 2024.

You can read it digitally on different platforms like the MangaPlus site, the MangaPlus app, the Shonen Jump+ app, and Viz Media’s official site.

However, you can only read the first and the latest three chapters for free on most platforms, except for the Shonen Jump+ app, where you need to pay for a subscription to read all chapters.

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What Had Previously Happened In Chapter 27 Of Kagurabachi?

Kagurabachi Chapter 28

In Kagurabachi Chapter 27, there’s a big gathering at the Rakuzaichi Auction Event. A woman asks Kyora about the event preparations. Kyora, though thinking about Chihiro, assures he’s ready for whatever happens.

There an unnamed sorcerer talks about how only a few from each group can attend the event while others have to stay outside. Sazanami family guards the underground area. Leaflets with a 50 million yen reward for Chihiro’s death are distributed.

Two sorcerers chat about Chihiro and the reward. Yuu, dressed as a hero, tries to save his sister but gets in trouble with guards. Chihiro arrives, saving Yuu and confronting the guards. Also, the flashbacks show Chihiro’s plans with Shiba.

Chihiro prepares to use his sword technique, Kure-Gumo Mei. Kyora starts the event, and Chihiro’s operation begins. The chapter ends with the clock striking twelve and Kyora Sazanami starting the Rakuzaichi auction.

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What Might Happen In Chapter 28 Of Kagurabachi?

Kagurabachi Chapter 28

In the last part of the story, something really exciting happens, leaving readers hanging in suspense. In chapter 28, we’ll probably find out how Chihiro fixed the broken Cloud Gouger blade, which got damaged in his fight with Genichi Sojo.

Also, it seems like Sojo might have kicked the bucket because Chihiro could use the blade’s powers.

We might learn how Chihiro got ownership of the blade and if his injured hands were healed. There’s a chance he has artificial hands, but we’ll have to wait and see. We’re not sure if the next chapter will jump right into an auction scene or not, but we can expect to meet some new characters.