Bodkin Netflix’s Dark Comedy Release Date and More!

When Is Netflix’s Dark Comedy Series Bodkin Coming? Well, Netflix is set to debut a new dark comedy series titled Bodkin in May 2024. Initially, it was referred to as “On Record,” but Netflix has decided to officially name it “Bodkin.”

The show’s main writer and showrunner is Jez Scharf, known for his work on short films like “Mister Biscuits” and “The Undream.” He will co-run the show with Alex Metcalf, who has experience as an executive producer on shows like “The Loudest Voice” and “Sharp Objects.” Metcalf was also involved in bringing “Kingdom” to Netflix until May 2021.

Additionally, Mike O’Leary contributes as a writer to the project. If you’re interested in knowing more about this Netflix dark comedy series Bodkin, keep reading till the end for a comprehensive understanding.

When Is Netflix’s Dark Comedy Series Bodkin Coming?


As of now, there isn’t an official release date for when the show Bodkin will be released, but Netflix mentioned it as part of their lineup for 2024. Also, the composer Paul Leonard-Morgan has mentioned that it’s expected to come out in May 2024.

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Who Are The Major Cast Members In Bodkin?


On June 17, 2022, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter, the first five actors were announced for the project.

Will Forte, known for MacGruber and The Last Man on Earth, will portray the role of Gilbert Power, an American podcaster searching for his Irish heritage.

Siobhan Cullen, known for his role on The Dry, will play the role of Dove, an investigative journalist with a strong sense of truth and skepticism towards authority.

Robyn Cara, known for his role on Ackley Bridge, takes on the role of Emmy, struggling to find her own identity while managing Gilbert’s podcast.

David Wilmot, from Anna Karenina and Lies We Tell, portrays the role of Seamus Gallagher, a charming yet volatile man. Chris Walley, known for The Last Voyage of the Demeter, plays the role of Sean O’Shea, a local involved in dubious dealings.

Apart from the above-mentioned cast members, the other confirmed actors include

  1. David Pearse will play the role of Frank

  2. Clodagh Mooney Duggan will play the role of Mary

  3. Pano Masti will play the role of Pablo

  4. Charlie Kelly will play the role of Fintan

  5. Peter Bankolé will play the role of Charles

  6. Seán Óg Cairns will play the role of Garda Eoin

  7. Amy Conroy will play the role of Fagan

  8. Mary O’Driscol will play the role of Margaret

  9. Frank Melia will play the role of Colm

  10. Norma Sheahan will play the role of Dot

  11. Claire J Loy will play the role of Breeda Gleeson

  12. Sabine Timoteo

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What Is The Expected Plotline For Bodkin?


The upcoming Netflix dark comedy series “Bodkin” is a gripping and funny thriller story. It follows a group of podcasters as they dig into the puzzling disappearance of three people in a charming Irish seaside town. But as they dive deeper, they uncover a tale far stranger than they anticipated.

Along the way, they confront the blurred lines between reality and fiction, questioning not only the truth of the case but also their own identities and relationships.

The series prompts us to rethink what we believe and why, revealing the narratives we create to make sense of our world.