Delicious In Dungeon Episode 12 Laios’ Party To Revive Falin?

When Is Delicious In Dungeon Episode 12 Coming? Well, Episode 12 of “Delicious in Dungeon” is set to come out in March 2024. In Episode 11, the focus was on Laios and his friends as they battled a powerful Red Dragon to save Falin, who had been swallowed by the dragon.

Although the fight seemed uneven, Laios managed to defeat the dragon with a final move. The episode ended with Laios finding Falin’s remains inside the dragon, confirming her death.

Episode 12 will also reveal Falin’s true fate, especially considering the hints about resurrection in previous episodes.

This article will provide a detailed overview of Episode 12 of Delicious In Dungeon, including its release date, a brief recap of previous Episode 11, and what viewers can expect from the upcoming installment.

When Is Delicious In Dungeon Episode 12 Coming?

Delicious In Dungeon Episode 12

The next episode of Delicious in Dungeon, episode 12, is coming out in Japan on Thursday, March 21, 2024, at 10:30 pm Japan Standard Time (JST). This anime is based on a manga that finished its story with 97 chapters.

If you’re eager to watch the new episode, you won’t have to wait long because it will be available on streaming platforms just about an hour after it airs. In Japan, you can catch episode 12 on Tokyo MX.

But if you prefer watching it on Netflix, you’re in luck! Netflix has the exclusive rights to stream the series, and they’ll release the episodes with both subtitles and dubbed versions at the same time. So, get ready for more exciting dungeon adventures.

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Recap Of Episode 11 Of Delicious In Dungeon

Delicious In Dungeon Episode 12

In the 11th episode of Delicious In Dungeon, Marcille contemplates her role in Laios’ plan to destroy a building in hopes of finding Falin. Meanwhile, Laios, Chilchuk, and Senshi devise a strategy to attract the Red Dragon’s attention.

When they reach a specific alley, the dragon breathes fire, but Marcille’s spell and Senshi’s pan shield them.

Marcille attempts to lure the dragon towards her to collapse the building she’s on, but it fails, trapping Laios, Senshi, and Chilchuk beneath the dragon.

Marcille’s spell proves ineffective against the dragon, prompting Senshi to use a special knife to injure it slightly before being crushed.

Chilchuk urges Laios to regroup with Marcille before they both meet the same fate. Laios takes Senshi’s cooking pot and sword before they’re buried under rubble.

Upon reuniting with Marcille, Laios shares news of Senshi and Chilchuk’s fate, and they decide to exploit the dragon’s weak spot.

Laios confronts the dragon, sustaining injuries but successfully hitting its weak point, causing both to fall. The episode concludes with Laios holding Falin’s remains, which have been digested by the dragon.

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What To Expect From Episode 12 Of Delicious In Dungeon?

Delicious In Dungeon Episode 12

On March 21, 2024, the next episode of Delicious in Dungeon, which is episode 12, will come out. In this episode, we’ll finally learn about what happens to Falin after she is eaten by the Red Dragon.

In episode 11, we saw that Falin was in trouble, and it seemed like she might not make it. However, episodes 9 and 10 were all about bringing characters back to life in the dungeon, so it’s likely that Laios and his friends will try their best to revive Falin.