Who Will Die In One Piece Season 2 Live-action?

Who Will Die In One Piece Season 2 Live-action? Well, in Netflix’s adaptation of One Piece, even minor characters are getting more depth and relatability, which makes the upcoming character’s death seem even sadder.

The second season of One Piece looks promising with updates showing Luffy and his crew getting ready for more adventures in the dangerous Grand Line. But, just like in the original story, there will be moments of heartbreak along their journey.

Season 2 of One Piece introduces new characters who will leave a lasting impression, but it also brings some shocking moments.

Despite the series’ fun and adventurous tone, the creator, Eiichiro Oda, isn’t afraid to show how fragile life can be through the characters’ life-threatening situations.

This theme from the original story carries over to the adaptation, hinting that one character in season 2 is likely to meet a sad end. So, keep reading this article till the end to know which character will die in One Piece Season 2.

Will One Piece Season 2 Live Action Feature Ace?

One Piece Season 2
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In Season 2 of One Piece, they might focus more on Ace, a character, who could get more time on the screen.

Although Ace hasn’t been confirmed for One Piece season 2 yet, he’s likely to show up because his role in the earlier part of the Arabasta storyline is important.

It’s revealed in the story that Ace and Luffy are like brothers, surprising the audience and setting the stage for them to team up against evil and venture into the Grand Line together. Even though Ace doesn’t have much time in the original story, his character has a lasting impact on the world of One Piece.

In season 1, One Piece made viewers care about minor characters, like Garp, who breaks the typical villain mold.

Garp’s connection with Luffy and his respect for Koby, not explored much in the source material, add depth to his character. Koby also goes through significant changes in the first season, hinting at more development in

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One Piece Season 2

If One Piece provides more details about Ace’s character than the manga and anime did, it will make his death by Admiral Akainu even more heartbreaking to see.

Although Ace is only around for a short time, he makes a big impact on the Straw Hat Pirates and the viewers because he always keeps his promises.

Despite not knowing Luffy and the others well, he gives up his life to help them reach the Grand Line. Thus, if  One Piece shows more scenes from Ace and Luffy’s childhood, it will be even more difficult for fans to handle Ace’s inevitable death.