Robert Downey Jr. Delivers An Iconic Speech After Winning Oscar!

It’s been a long time coming for Robert Downey Jr. but finally, the Oscar is home. It has been a little over five decades since RDJ made his acting debut back in 1970 and throughout all these years, he has been one of the most influential actors in Hollywood history especially in the last twenty years.

It indeed took a long time, but as they say, nothing comes easy, RDJ has finally won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for his work in Christopher Nolan’s iconic movie “Oppenheimer.”

The movie and the efforts of all the artists involved in the making will go down as one of the most amazing performances of all time.

Oppenheimer was nominated in 13 categories and bagged seven Oscars out of it. The Christopher Nolan directorial movie was picked as the Best Picture at the 2024 Academy Awards.

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Robert Downey Jr. Wins His First Oscar!

Robert Downey Jr.
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RDJ, 58, has worked in over 70 movies and this was the first instance where he got the opportunity to work with Christopher Nolan.

The Interstellar director has been quite appreciative of RDJ’s work in the past, in an interview at “The Late Show” which he gave earlier this month, Nolan said that RDJ’s role in Iron Man was one of the most significant casting that has ever been made in the film industry and it completely revolutionized the modern-day filmmaking.

Well, that is something huge coming from a legendary director like Nolan.

Meanwhile, RDJ gave an entertaining and inspiring speech after receiving his first Oscar. He first thanked his “terrible childhood” and then the Academy, he became witty, and thanked his wife by referring to her as her veterinarian who saved his life and loved him.

RDJ also thanked the entire team of Oppenheimer and acknowledged that the movie was more important to him than he was to the movie. He then concluded his speech by thanking his lawyer, stylist, manager, and publicist.