Kagurabachi Chapter 24: Soya’s Relationship With Hakuri!

When Is Kagurabachi Chapter 24 Coming? Well, The next chapter of Kagurabachi (Chapter 24) will be released in the Weekly Shonen Jump sometime in March 2024, at midnight JST, as announced by MangaPlus, which is Shueisha’s official platform.

However, due to time zone differences, it will be accessible a day before the official release date for people outside Japan. In the previous chapter, Kyora Sazanami disclosed the hidden location of Rakuzaichi’s storehouse.

He revealed that the storehouse is a magical pocket dimension created by his sorcery powers, and he alone controls it. The chapter also sets the stage for a battle between Chihiro and Shiba against the Tou, considered the strongest four members of the Sazanami clan.

The chapter ended with an exciting cliffhanger, leaving fans eagerly anticipating Kagurabachi Chapter 24. So, here in this article, we will discuss everything about Chapter 24 of Kagurabachi including the release date, a recap of the previous chapter, and what to expect from the upcoming chapter.

When Is Kagurabachi Chapter 24 Coming?

Kagurabachi Chapter 24
Kagurabachi Manga Online

The next chapter of Kagurabachi, Chapter 24, will be released on Monday, March 11, 2024, at midnight in Japan.

But because of time zone differences, many manga fans outside Japan will get to read it on March 10, 2024.

You can read it digitally on different websites and apps like MangaPlus, Viz Media, and Shonen Jump+. However, only the first chapter and the latest three chapters are free. To read the other chapters, you’ll need to buy a subscription.

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Recap Of Chapter 23 Of Kagurabachi

Kagurabachi Chapter 24
Kagurabachi Manga Online

In Kagurabachi Chapter 23, Kyora Sazanami, the head of Sazanami, talks to Chihiro about the seventh Sacred Blade.

Kyora is aware of Chihiro’s name and that he’s Kunishige Rokuhira’s son. Shiba is concerned about Kyora’s calm demeanor. Hakuri had warned them about facing the Tou, the four strongest fighters in Sazanami.

Chihiro notices the Shinuchi blade, but Kyora reveals it’s just an image using his powers. The storehouse is a sub-dimension in Kyora created by his sorcery powers.

Kyora can instantly destroy anything inside it, making it difficult to confront him. Shiba realizes Hakuri can interfere with the storehouse but remembers Hakuri lacks talent.

Tou appears, and Kyora reveals his trump card. Shiba recalls that Hakuri is a Sazanami and tells Chihiro to withdraw. The chapter ends with Soya, the fourth member of Tou, searching for Hakuri, who is running an errand for Hinao and meets his brother, Soya.

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What To Expect From Chapter 24 Of Kagurabachi?

Kagurabachi Chapter 24
Kagurabachi Manga Online

In Kagurabachi Chapter 24, Chihiro and Shiba will probably join forces to confront the Tou. However, it’s expected that the battle won’t come to an end because of certain underlying themes in the story.

Chihiro might create an opportunity for Shiba to escape by creating a distraction or finding a weak spot in the enemy’s defense.

Additionally, the chapter might explore Soya’s connection with Hakuri. Despite Soya appearing happy to reunite with his brother, there are hints that he might have some instability in his personality.

Therefore, readers will have to wait and see what fate awaits Hakuri in the upcoming chapter.