The Brothers Sun Season 2 Canceled By Netflix!

Netflix premiered a new series titled “The Brothers Sun” at the start of the year, featuring acclaimed Oscar-winning actor Michelle Yeoh.

The show, characterized as an action-comedy, revolved around a family embroiled in criminal activities.

Regrettably, Netflix announced the cancellation of the series in March 2024, indicating that there will not be another season.

Netflix has decided to cancel The Brothers Sun despite its impressive ratings on Rotten Tomatoes. The streaming giant confirmed poor viewership as the main reason for the show’s cancellation. Fans have expressed disappointment over the news and are calling for its renewal.

Why Was the The Brothers Sun Season 2 Canceled?

The Brothers Sun Season 2

The Brothers Sun appeared on several top streaming rankings, including Netflix’s Top 10, but they struggled to attract the same size audience as other popular shows.

The action dramedy premiered on January 4 and has been on the Netflix top ten list for English-language series for over a month. Although it reached number two on the list, the show’s weekly viewership for its first four weeks was less than 7 million. During its final Top 10 run, it fell below 2 million views.

There might be other factors at play in this cancelation. The Brothers Sun ends on a satisfactory note. There is no clear estimate of how many subscribers finished the series, or whether the budget had a significant factor in the choice.

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What Is The Brothers Sun All About?

The Brothers Sun Season 2
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The Brothers Sun digs deeply into crime, family, & identity. The series, first revealed when greenlit, is set in the vibrant and dangerous background of Los Angeles & Taipei and centers around the Sun family, with a particular emphasis on Charles Sun’s life.

Charles returns to Los Angeles after his father, a key person in Taiwan’s triad, is killed. His responsibility is to look out for his family and survive the dangerous seas of his father’s history. The narrative delves into power, loyalty, and the duties of family burdens.

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Cast Members

The Brothers Sun Season 2

Chien plays Charles Sun in The Brothers Sun, Yeoh plays his estranged mother, and Li plays his younger brother Bruce. Jon Xue Zhang, Alice Hewkin,  Jenny Yang, & Madison Hu rounded out the cast. Brad Falchuk (Glee, American Horror Story) and Byron Wu made the action-packed comedy-drama series.

Falchuk acted as director and executive producer, with co-creator Wu, filmmaker Kevin Tancharoen, & Mikkel Bondesen.