When Is Kagurabachi Chapter 19 Coming?

When Is Kagurabachi Chapter 19 Coming? Well, the 19th chapter of Kagurabachi is scheduled to be released in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump issue #10 in February 2024 at 12 am JST.

For fans outside Japan, it will be available on February 18 on Shueisha-affiliated online platforms at 7 am PT. In the previous chapter, Chihiro emerged victorious in a battle against Genichi Sojo.

Sojo, a mafia boss, met his end while attempting to gain powers from the Datenseki. The chapter also introduced important figures in the Kamunabi organization, revealing their future plans.

Learning about the existence of the seventh Enchanted Blade in possession of Rokuhira’s son, they sent their strongest member, Hiyuki, to locate Chihiro and the Enchanted Blades.

To get all the details about Chapter 19 of Kagurabachi, including the release date, a recap of the previous chapter, and what to expect from the upcoming chapter, read on till the end of this article.

When Is Kagurabachi Chapter 19 Coming?

Kagurabachi Chapter 19

The upcoming Kagurabachi chapter 19 is set to release on Monday, February 5, 2024, at 12 am Japan Standard Time (JST).

For fans outside Japan, it will be available a day earlier on February 4, 2024, due to time zone differences. To read the chapter, manga enthusiasts can use Shueisha’s MangaPlus App, MangaPlus official website, Shonen Jump+ App, or Viz Media’s site.

It’s important to note that only the first and the latest three chapters are free to read on these platforms. If you want access to the other chapters, you’ll need to purchase a subscription on these platforms.

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Recap Of Chapter 18 Of Kagurabachi

Kagurabachi Chapter 19

Chapter 18 of Kagurabachi begins by showing what happened after Chihiro fought Genichi Sojo. Chihiro broke Sojo’s Cloud Gouger blade in half and won the battle against the Mafia Boss.

Sojo was surprised because he didn’t expect Chihiro to break his blade. He was hurt not only from the injury but also because he had pushed himself too hard.

When Sojo saw Chihiro with the Enchanted Blades, he felt like they were on his side, but Chihiro reminded him they were on his side too. Shiba and Char rushed to help Chihiro and found him injured. Char tried to heal Chihiro’s arm but couldn’t because she lacked experience.

Chihiro thanked her, saying he wouldn’t have been able to fight Sojo without her help. Sojo, nearly dead, crawled back to his lab, only to find it destroyed. In a desperate attempt to gain power, he ended up blowing himself up along with his mansion.

Ten days later, high-ranked Kamunabi sorcerers held a meeting where they revealed that most of the Kamunabi Elite Squad had died fighting Sojo. They discussed who would become the next user of Cloud Gouger.

They explained that when someone becomes an Enchanted Blade user, only they can use its powers until they die.

They also revealed that the Kamunabi had been protecting retired Enchanted Blade owners who had fought in the Seitei War. They learned about Chihiro and the seventh blade and suspected Chihiro took the Cloud Gouger.

So they assigned their strongest member, Hiyuki, to find Chihiro and retrieve both Cloud Gouger and the seventh Enchanted Blade.

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What To Expect From Chapter 19 Of Kagurabachi?

Kagurabachi Chapter 19

In Kagurabachi chapter 19, we’ll likely find out what happened to Chihiro Rokuhira after his intense battle with Genichi Sojo.

Chihiro has lost one of his arms, and it will be interesting to see how he gathers the courage to confront the Hishaku despite this setback. Even though Sojo is no longer a threat, Chihiro can’t relax because the Kamunabi has sent Hiyuki to pursue him.

The upcoming chapter may also show Chihiro’s son facing a new opponent. Alternatively, the focus of the chapter might shift to the Hishaku group, providing fans with a different perspective.

Overall, Takeru Hokazono is expected to deliver another exciting and well-crafted chapter for fans to enjoy next week.