Kevin Hart Takes Legal Action Against YouTuber Tasha K After Alleged Extortion!

Kevin Hart took some serious steps against YouTuber. The very renowned, jovial, and very famous comedian known for his comedy widely has made some headlines, apart from his light and charming personality comedian took some serious steps against YouTuber Tasha K, accusing her in the matter of defaming him and extortion him. Thus the legal hearings have turned the court into a battlefield. 

The legal action was taken after one of the interviews of Tasha K with Hart’s previous assistant, Miesha Shakes in which she has spilled out some of the harmful, unspoken, and wrong allegations about the comedian’s personality.

As per Hart’s complaint, the issue sparked back in November 2023 when LaTasha Kebe aka Tasha K interviewed one of the ex-crew members who worked with Hart from 2017 to around 2020.

The comedian accused both of them of defaming him and using his name improperly in their conversations. The statements of lawsuits say that it involved highly personal allegations that are offensive at the same time and could damage the Comedian’s personality and career.

Moreover to this fire, more duel has been added as he alleged Kebe with the allegation of extorting him resulting in demanding a big amount of money from Kebe to prevent the interview from being aired.

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Here Is what more Kevin Hart Says About Taking Legal Action Against YouTuber Tasha K After Alleged Extortion!

Kevin Hart
Los Angeles Times

According to laws Kebe has been held guilty and she is a threat to Hart’s reputation. The lawsuit suggests that the interview should not be released as it will end up destroying the comedian’s career and public perception.

Hart who is very peculiar about his fame and image contacted the police with legal personnel and filed a case against Tasha K and Kebe to remind Kebe that she had signed for his integrity when she worked for him.

But later on, Hart was told that she would release the episode of the interview without any censorship and she also threatened she might be releasing the episode on her website.

Hart along with his lawsuits is trying his best to stop both of them from doing so, they eventually accused them of defamation, extortion, invading privacy, and violating the contact rules.

Along with the lawsuit many fans and other people came in support of the comedian expressing their empathy, love, and support for him Hart along with many is eagerly waiting to see what will happen next in this case how the future unfolds things.