When Is Solo Leveling Episode 3 Coming? Release Date and Time.

When Is Solo Leveling Episode 3 Coming? Well, the 3rd episode of Solo Leveling is scheduled to be released in Japan on Tokyo MX and other channels at midnight JST in January 2024.

For international viewers, including Crunchyroll users, it will be available at 7 AM PT on Saturday, a day before the official release.

In this episode, we’ll see Jin-Woo trying his best to stay alive while facing the last and toughest challenge, the Final Boss, inside the Cartenon Dungeon. Building on the events in episode 2 at the Cartenon Temple, episode 3 will uncover the challenges Jin-Woo faces in the Dungeon and the stakes involved.

To get all the details about Solo Leveling Episode 3, including the release date, a recap of the previous episode, and what to anticipate in the upcoming one, read through this article to the end.

When Is Solo Leveling Episode 3 Coming?

Solo Leveling Episode 3
Attack of the Fanboy

The third episode of Solo Leveling is scheduled to be released in Japan at midnight JST on Sunday, January 21, 2024. You can watch it on various Japanese TV channels like Tokyo MX, GYT, GTV, BS11, CBC, and YTV.

If you’re in North America or Europe, Crunchyroll will air the episode about an hour after it’s shown on Japanese TV. Crunchyroll is letting people in India watch the episode. In China, Medialink has permission to show the episode on TV. To watch it on any of these platforms, you’ll need a membership.

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Recap Of Episode 2 Of Solo Leveling

Solo Leveling Episode 3

In Episode 2 of Solo Leveling, titled “If I Had One More Chance,” a character named Song Chi-yul got hurt when unexpected statues attacked him, causing an injury to his arm.

Jin-Woo figured out that if they stayed kneeling, the statues wouldn’t hurt them. It’s been seven days since the mysterious gate appeared, and now they are in a critical situation where the Dungeon is about to break open.

Jin-Woo discovered that standing under musical statues stopped the attacks. While trying to rescue Joo-Hee, Jin-Woo sacrifices his leg. In a crucial moment, an Alter appeared, following the third commandment.

Six players gathered within its circle, realizing that if at least one person stayed behind, others could escape safely. Unfortunately, everyone, except for Song and Joo-Hee, abandoned Jin-Woo.

Responding to his plea, Song Chi-Yul left the dungeon with an unconscious Joo-Hee. The statues in the dungeon attacked Jin-Woo and trapped him on the altar for a sacrificial ritual.

Just 0.02 seconds before his imminent death, Jin-Woo received a virtual reality game-like notification, offering him a last-minute chance to become a player. Despite not fully understanding the offer, Jin-Woo accepted it, choosing to live.

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What To Expect From Episode 3 Of Solo Leveling?

Solo Leveling Episode 3

In Episode 2, the TV show covered chapters 4 to 10 from the webtoon. This was quite surprising because, in Episode 1, they only adapted 3 chapters.

Episode 3 will probably keep up with this speed and cover chapters 8 to 14. In the next episode, we will witness Sung Jin-Woo’s recovery and gain insights into how the System functions.

The puzzling message he got in the second episode will finally be clarified, and they will introduce the concepts of Hunter Awakening and Mana. Moreover, Woo Jin-Chul will appear to share details about the events that took place in the Double Dungeon.