Stranger Things Season 5 New Set Photos, Transformation, and More!

After Vecna’s curse in the fourth season which shook the Hawkins gang (and us, of course!), we have an incoming transmission from the Death State: Stranger Things Season 5 is already in the process of being filmed and our favorite nerds are coming back – for whatever Vecna has in store for them.

The only bad news? This is their final season.

What is Stranger Things Season 5 All About?

Stranger Things Season 5

The brother-duo creators, Matt and Ross Duffer previously mentioned to Tudum that they had written a 25-page mythology document for Netflix back when S1 was under process. This mythology delves into the lore and depths of the Upside Down.

The Duffer Brothers mentioned that although they knew what was happening in the Upside Down ‘more or less’, they wanted it to be a mysterious plane.

While the audience learned a bit about the Upside Down in S4, there’s a lot more coming for Season 5. Not to give any spoilers but Ross Duffer mentioned in June 2022 during Geekend Week, that the fifth season has some pretty major reveals which will affect the entire foundation of the season and answer a ton load of questions.

Looks like we have a lot to wait for…

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Are There Any New Cast Members in Season 5?

Stranger Things Season 5
Stranger Things

Good news! There will be a new cast member in the fifth season (just like is tradition for every season, by the way!)

Linda Hamilton (The Terminator, Children of the Corn, Chuck) announced that she would be cast for the fifth season – but what about her role? It’s as much a mystery as the Upside Down.

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Do We Know Anything Else About the Series?

Stranger Things Season 5

Except for the name of the title of the first episode in Stranger Things Season 5 (Which reads ‘Chapter 1: The Crawl’), there’s not much to comment on the filming dates, release dates, or anything – so I guess it’s just a long wait! The Duffer Brothers are working on something pretty amazing like always.