Tokyo Vice Season 2 Official Trailer Released on Max!

Ansel Elgort Looks for the Truth in Heart-Pumping ‘Tokyo Vice’ Season 2 Trailer. Tokyo Vice, starring Ansel Elgort, is gearing up for its upcoming season. Max has finally released a stunning new trailer for the second season of the television series.

The trailer marks Elgort’s return as journalist Jake Adelstein and reveals insights about the storyline and characters appearing in the upcoming season.

Tokyo Vice Season 2 | Official Trailer

The trailer for the new season begins with Jake sitting in a car. Samantha Porter, an expat played by Rachael Keller, often challenges him about his job. Jake boldly responds to the inquiry, stating that he hunts down stories.

Later, she inquires about his favorite aspect of his profession, to which he says that he enjoys the unpredictability of his job.

Following the simple introduction scene, the trailer becomes more violent as many masked people attack a party.

In the following scene, Hiroto Katagiri, played by Ken Watanabe, reminds Jake that he did not come to Tokyo for a single story. Katagiri emphasizes that “other stories and crimes” exist to be revealed.

The conversation suggests that Jake will embark on another journey to expose the criminal conspiracy in the coming season. This time, he’s chasing someone with tattoos on his hands. The trailer concludes with Jake losing his calm when he realizes those close to him are in danger.

Aside from the investigation scene featured in the teaser, the second season will be action-packed, with Jake fighting someone on the streets of Tokyo.

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The Cast and Crew of Season 2.

Tokyo Vice Season 2
Entertainment Weekly

Most of the original season’s core cast returns for Tokyo Vice Season 2. Ansel Elgort stars in his first television role alongside Ken Watanabe, Rachel Keller (Legion), & Rinko Kikuchi (Babel) as the main characters.

Aside from these four, there are a few key characters from the first season whose fates remain unknown. An example is Sato by Sho Kasamatsu (Love You as the World Ends).

Similarly, Hideaki Ito’s (Lesson of Evil) Jin Miyamoto. Ella Rumpf’s (Succession) Polina, Samantha’s friend and co-hostess, will not return.

Other supporting characters are expected to return for the second season, including Tomohisa Yamashita (Drops of God) as Akira, Polina’s boyfriend; Yuka Itaya (Love Is Blind: Japan) as Hiroto’s partner; Ayumi Tanida (Alice in Borderland) as yakuza superior Shinzo Tozawa, along with Jessica Hecht (The Sinner) as Jake’s mother Willa Adelstein.

Speaking of new cast members, Takayuki Suzuki (Invasion) has reportedly been cast as Masahito Ohno. Soji Arai, who plays Shingo in Pachinko, will join him as another new character. Aoi Takeya will also make his television debut with Tokyo Vice Season 2.

Tokyo Vice comes to Max on February 8. The ten-episode second season will begin with two episodes, followed by one new episode per week.