Vjeran Tomic: The Spider-Man of Paris 2 Renewal Status annd More!

What can we say about this fantastic documentary and Part 2 of Vjeran Tomic: The Spider-Man of Paris? It might just be the most interesting yet.

Jamie Roberts who directed the movie, sat Tomic down for an extensive and up-close interview soon after the latter was released from prison for stealing $ 100 million worth of paintings from the Paris Museum of Modern Art in 2010.

The film in question covers his extensive career as a thief notoriously known as ‘Spider-Man’ for his infamous ability to climb buildings and hop roof-to-roof to steal from rich people’s swanky Parisian apartments.

The movie also reconstructs how he became the internationally infamous thief that led to police pursuits, that eventually landed him in prison.

What Do We Think About the Movie?

Vjeran Tomic: The Spider-Man of Paris 2

Vjeran Tomic: The Spider-Man of Paris is a smartly structured thriller in the form of a documentary. Roberts works on Tomic’s candid narration over some slick re-enactments that heighten tension and anticipation whilst also giving it the ‘real feel’ of the burglary.

Viewers who have seen the movie will be enraptured, engrossed, and absolutely in awe of the painstaking intricacy of minute details crafted by Roberts.

As the director gives a glimpse of Tomic’s profile, we get to understand that the latter is a loner and reveals that he would take homeless people to fancy and swanky dinners because he didn’t have friends, or family and also because he didn’t trust anyone.

Now although Tomic’s candid revelations prove to be the cornerstone of the film, Roberts makes it a point not to rely on his candid narrations.

Instead, the flesh of the story isn’t even about Tomic’s conversation – but the essence lies in how Robert managed to thoroughly and diligently interview key characters and capture them in the movie.

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Is the Movie Worth Watching?

Vjeran Tomic: The Spider-Man of Paris 2
The Guardian

Thanks to its meticulous reenactments, gripping moments of anticipatory tension, and a compelling first-person commentary a-la- Tomic, ‘The Spider-Man of Paris’ is cut for the best. Therefore, to answer that question, is it worth the watch?


Is Tomic ‘performing’ in this movie? Well, given that there are a lot of candid revelations from the man himself, we would like to think that he is performing a little bit – despite being a thief, and a great narrator, this movie is all about his journey, legacy, and inside talks.

Give this movie a watch if you’re in the mood to see the same cloth that cut the 2008 Oscar winner, Man on Wire. You might just see that this heist film certainly stands up to the high-and-mighty comparison.

Till now there is not any updates regarding the Vjeran Tomic: The Spider-Man of Paris 2 neither by the Netflix nor by the makers of the movie.