One Piece Season 2 Started Filming?

We come to know of a new foe -and in the One Piece Season 2, we can expect to see The Straw Hats continue to come across more foes and friends.

Published: September 20th, 2023 1:21 am | Updated: September 19, 2023 1:21 am

When will One Piece Season 2 live-action be released on Netflix? Let’s find out the details you need to know about the upcoming season!

Adapted from one of the most popular in the history of animes – One Piece has dominated the world globally, and we’re not complaining!

One Piece Season 2: Series Overview: What Do We Know So Far?

ONE PIECE Season 2

The past 26 years of week-to-week serialization of the anime have seen over 516 million copies of the manga circulation globally – and it is a no-brainer that the anime adaptation is currently one of the most watched shows on Netflix around the globe!

22 years ago, the infamous Gol D. Roger was captured but not before he kickstarted a brand new era of piracy – several years later, the pirate rookie Monkey D.Luffy sets sail with a vision of becoming the King of Pirates – but things don’t look that easy!

He needs a ship and a powerful one at that – in addition to gathering and summing up a talented crew to help him on his expedition.

Thanks to Steven Maeda and Matt Owes, the showrunners of One Piece will not just be a sight for sore eyes, but will also include an entirely new audience – this comes as a fact as several viewers have not actually watched the original anime version – so this adaptation will actually be beneficial for them! 

It’s a known fact that each episode of One Piece was extremely expensive to produce – going as much as 18 million USD per episode.

Thanks to such high cost, it is imperative for the first season to be a success to get a second season renewal. All One Piece must keep their fingers crossed for this dream to come true!

Numbers and how it fares so far:

As you know, the first 28 days of streaming are considered the most important and fortunately, the series has enjoyed a healthy couple of weeks since making its debut. In two weeks, the series has amassed 258,00,000 global top ten viewing hours – this means there have been 37.8 million views so far!

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What to Expect in One Piece Season 2:

The first season offered a pretty clear insight as to what to expect in the next – as the crew set off for the Grand Line, Buggy, and Alvida are both embarrassed by Luffy and end up joining forces in hopes to pursue the protagonist.

However, we come to know of a new foe -and in the One Piece Season 2, we can expect to see The Straw Hats continue to come across more foes and friends, in their pursuit of the Grand Line and the ever-famed, One Piece.