A Time Called You Season 2 Renewal Status and More!

Is there any talk of A Time Called You Season 2? Netflix’s latest K-drama, A Time Called You, combines romance, time travel, and drama into an exceptional first season.

There is a small probability of a second season with a new time loop. Here’s all we know about Netflix’s A Time Called You season 2.

Renewal Status of A Time Called You Season 2.

A Time Called You Season 2

A Time Called You had yet to be renewed for a Season 2 at the time of writing.

While the Korean television industry is evolving, multiple-season K-dramas have yet to become the standard.

We have numerous seasons of Netflix Original Korean dramas like Kingdom & Squid Game. Still, it all relies on the streaming platform and whether Korean creators want to renew the show for a second season. 

However, there is some chance because the ball is in Netflix’s court. Their renewal decisions are mainly influenced by how popular a program is, how many people watch it immediately, and the drop-off rates.

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Expected Release Date

A Time Called You Season 2

Given the yearly or two-year release period followed by Netflix and several Korean dramas such as Let’s Eat and Vampire Prosecutor, the following season will likely not be released until 2024 or 2025.

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What was A Time Called You season 1 about?

A Time Called You Season 2

A Time Called You is a suspenseful time-travel romance that became a murder mystery. Jun-hee receives a mystery cassette player after the death of her lover, Yeonjun. She plays it on his anniversary and her birthday, returning to 1998.

She is unsure if she is in a dream or her real life because Jun-hee was the dream, and her best buddies are In-gyu & Si-heon, who look precisely like her alleged dead fiancé. However, her life as Min-ju is not without incident, as another person attacked her while she transitioned from Jun-hee to Min-ju.

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What will be the storyline of A Time Called You season 2?

A Time Called You Season 2

Nothing is known so far because the series has yet to be renewed. But there are several storylines we’d want to see if A Time Called You returns for a second season. We will not include significant spoilers because many fans have yet to complete the episode.

But we’d like to learn more about how time travel works. Min-ju and In-gyu may have their happy ending like Si-heon and Jun-hee. What about Yeon-jun and Tae-ha? Rowoon with Ahn Hyo-seop on a single screen should happen again.

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The expected cast of Season 2?

A Time Called You Season 2

If A Time Called You is extended for a second season, we will most likely see  Jeon Yeo-been as Han Jun-hee/Min-ju, Ahn Hyo-seop as Nam Si-heon/Gu Yeon-jun, and Kang Hoon as Jung In-kyu.

The co-creators of this Korean drama series, Kim Jin-won and Choi Hyo-bi, as well as Chi-Feng Chien, Hsin Hui Lin, and co-creator Choi Hyo-bi, who penned all 12 episodes of the first season, will most likely honor the second season as well.