Leo (2023) Netflix Confirm Release Date!!!

Adam Sandler and Netflix have been working together for a long time, and they’re continuing their partnership with a new animated comedy titled “Leo.”

Published: September 16th, 2023 5:17 am | Updated: September 16, 2023 5:17 am

When Is The Netflix Animated Movie Leo (2023) Coming? Well, Adam Sandler and Netflix have been working together for a long time, and they’re continuing their partnership with a new animated comedy titled “Leo.”

Sandler’s company, Happy Madison, teams up with Netflix to make movies, like “Murder Mystery” and “Hustle.”

Usually, Sandler makes funny live-action movies, but this time, he’s trying something different by using his unique, and high-pitched voice to be a voice actor in an animated film.

He’s done this before in the “Hotel Transylvania” movies and “Eight Crazy Nights,” but “Leo” is a new step in his Netflix journey and voice acting career.

You can expect to see “Leo” on Netflix in 2023, and we already know some exciting details about the cast, story, trailer, and release date for this animated movie.

So, keep reading this article till the very end to know in detail everything about this upcoming movie titled Leo (2023) in detail.

Leo (2023) Netflix Confirm Release Date


Adam Sandler’s new movie, “Leo,” will be released on November 21, 2023, on Netflix. This means you can watch it from the comfort of your home on Netflix; you don’t have to go to a theater.

Also, 2023 has been a busy year for Adam Sandler and Netflix because “Leo” is the third movie he’s been in for them this year.

Before this, he was in “Murder Mystery 2” and “You Are So Not Invited To My Bat Mitzvah.” So, mark your calendars for November 21, and get ready to enjoy some holiday movie fun with “Leo”.

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Who Are The Major Cast Members In The Animated Movie?


In the movie “Leo,” there’s a funny turtle character who loves munching on leaves inside Leo’s tank. It’s interesting to note that the main star of the movie is Adam Sandler, but there are also some other well-known actors involved.

Bill Burr, known for his work in “Breaking Bad” and “F Is For Family,” plays Leo’s grumpy turtle buddy, and it’s a bit surprising that these two talented actors haven’t worked together before.

The movie also includes some familiar faces from Adam Sandler’s previous movies, like Rob Schneider from “Big Daddy” and Jason Alexander from “Seinfeld.”

And guess what? Since Leo’s humor in the film is somewhat similar to Seinfeld’s observational comedy style, Jason Alexander joining the cast makes perfect sense.

Plus, just like in Sandler’s previous movie, “You Are So Not Invited To My Bat Mitzvah,” you’ll see many members of Sandler’s own family, including Jackie Sandler, Sadie Sandler, and Sunny Sandler.

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What Is The Plotline Of The Netflix Animated Movie?

The story of Adam Sandler’s movie “Leo” is quite special. It’s a coming-of-age comedy that takes place in a Florida elementary school during its final year. But what makes it unique is that the story is told from the perspective of the class pets.

Leo, one of these pets, finds out that he only has one year left to live, so he decides to make a plan to escape from his cage and explore the world. This might make the movie more emotional than what you see in the trailer.

Even though the trailer didn’t give us a sneak peek of the music, it turns out that “Leo” is a musical too. Knowing that Adam Sandler is known for writing songs, we can expect some catchy tunes in the movie that might become new classics in his collection.