Who Is Cierra Ramirez Engaged To?

Johnny proposed to Cierra in her hometown of Houston, and they posted their happy occasion on Instagram, wherein Cierra seemed thrilled.

Published: September 14th, 2023 6:55 am | Updated: September 14, 2023 6:55 am

Othrsyde and Cierra Ramirez are engaged now! Othrsyde, a rising Pop singer from the United States known for his 2020 hit track “Blasphemy,” is engaged to Cierra Ramirez.

Their marriage adds dimension to their relationship and is an appreciation of love between this gifted musician and this American actress and singer.

The 28-year-old actress Cierra Ramirez, renowned for her part in “Good Trouble,” recently pleased her admirers by sharing on social media the news of her engagement to Johnny Zallez, better known online as Othrsyde.

Johnny proposed to Cierra in her hometown of Houston, and they posted their happy occasion on Instagram, wherein Cierra seemed thrilled.

The loving images portrayed their relationship, with one especially tender picture showing the pair kissing against a background of white candlelight and lovely white flower arrangements.

Fans and well-wishers will remember this moment as Cierra Ramirez and her fiancé begin this wonderful adventure together. Cierra Ramirez’s engagement is a stunning monument to their love.

On March 9, 1995, a Thursday, Cierra Ramirez came into the world in Houston, Texas. She is presently 28 years old and goes by the name Cierra Alexa Ramirez. 

In 2013, she took on the roles of Mariana Foster on The Fosters and Kathy from the television series. A United States actress and singer by the name of Cierra Alexa Ramrez. She was undoubtedly a born star, as it took her a long time to rise to her current position.

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More About Cierra Ramirez and Othrsyde!

Cierra Ramirez

On the other hand, Cierra’s personal life is just as fascinating as her work life when we discuss it. Being a well-known actress, she likely dated a lot of famous guys in the same line of work. Fans became interested in her dating life every time they saw her with a male.

Cierra dated a few guys before she started seeing Othrsyde. But up until she met Othrsyde, each of her relationships didn’t work out. Referring to Ramirez’s first romance in the media.

Ahead of meeting Othrsyde, she was dating Jeff Wittek. An American internet celebrity, Jeff Wittek. His participation in Celebrity Barber is what made him most famous.

Neff and Cierra were a pretty adorable pair that dated for more than three years. But as we all are aware, not all love stories have happy endings.

Both Jeff and Cierra were in a position at the time when concentrating on their careers was their first priority. Both of them were putting in a lot of effort, but Cierra, in particular, had been working a 15-hour shift on her acting project.

 They seldom ever had time to spend together, and when they did, it was usually to discuss brand negotiations. They eventually began to realize that their marriage was gradually deteriorating as a result of it. This is the cause why Jeff and Cierra, his girlfriend, mutually chose to part ways.