Cardi B Never Thought She Would Marry Offset.

She recalled her first reaction when she first heard Offset's Migos song, Versace, in a club and said she "never would've thought" they would get married.

Published: September 12th, 2023 4:34 am | Updated: September 12, 2023 4:34 am

Cardi B discusses her loving marriage to Offset and declares that “we’ve never been stronger.” In an interview, Cardi B discussed her marriage to fellow musician Offset and revealed how she had first had her reservations regarding their lasting compatibility when they first met.

The pair have now been blissfully married for six years in spite of these early uncertainties. Cardi B, famous for songs like “WAP” and her most recent collaboration “Bongos,” recalled her first meeting with Offset. 

She recalled her first reaction when she first heard Offset’s Migos song, Versace, in a club and said she “never would’ve thought” they would get married.

 She talked about how passionate their relationship was.

Cardi B stated that the foundation of their happy relationship has been their mutual love of family and their steadfast support of one another in their own businesses. 

Referred to their relationship as a “yin and yang for real,” emphasizing their shared dedication to one another.

When they were photographed seated next to one another during the 2017 Super Bowl, Cardi B and Offset ignited the internet.

Offset later admitted to setting up the two for a group meeting in New York before the big game with the help of his publicist, but the Super Bowl was really their first formal date, which Offset referred to as “a power move.”

Offset and Cardi B recently released the music video for their debut song together, “Lick.” It’s interesting to note that they completed recording and releasing the song just one month before ever meeting.

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Here’s Why Cardi B Thought She Would Never Marry Offset.

Cardi B

Cardi B finally discussed her rumored boyfriend in an interview with Fader, but she was careful about it, simply referring to the guy as “the boy” and focusing largely on their creative partnership.

Cardi B revealed to Charlamagne that she would like to propose to her boyfriend. Onstage at Philadelphia’s Powerhouse performance, Offset proposed to Cardi B wearing a 20-carat diamond band that he stated cost “half a million.” Offset made the arrangement official by getting Cardi B’s name tattooed on his neck, perhaps suggesting that they had resolved their difficulties.

Within her debut appearance on “Saturday Night Live,” Cardi B formally announced that she was expecting a child. On July 10, 2018, She and Offset greeted their first child together.

Their baby girl was given the name Kulture Kiari Cephus. An opulent nude shot of the pregnant diva served as the announcement’s signature.

Cardi tweeted a never-before-seen snapshot from the wedding day in honor of the couple’s first wedding anniversary, showing the event precisely as she had described it a few months previously.

In fact, Offset and Cardi B exchanged vows while dressed in matching tracksuits. Offset attended Cardi B’s birthday party in Las Vegas less than a month after he filed for divorce. The duo could be seen dancing together and kissing each other in a number of Instagram videos.

One month after a highly public display of affection and nearly two months after applying for divorce, Cardi submitted paperwork in Georgia to dismiss the prior move. The fact that the singer filed for dismissal gives her the option to divorce Offset again in the future.