Country Star Zach Bryan Arrested In Oklahoma.

Bryan told the police he didn't feel comfortable sharing that information, so the officer handcuffed him.

Published: September 11th, 2023 6:26 am | Updated: September 11, 2023 6:26 am

Zach Bryan, a celebrity of Oklahoma country music, was detained in Craig County. In a message posted on social media, Bryan said that after an encounter with the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, his feelings were highly charged. Bryan expressed his regrets to the trooper in the statement.

According to online records, Bryan, who is a native of Oologah, was detained in Craig County after being accused of obstructing an investigation. He was incarcerated at about 6:45 o’clock. No complaints have been made.

The specifics of Bryan’s arrest have not been made public by law authorities. Shortly afterward, Bryan declared that he would undertake a stadium alongside arena tour this spring, and he was arrested.

The Paycom Centre in Oklahoma City and the BOK Centre in Tulsa are just two of the many Oklahoma locations that “The Quitting Time Tour” will visit.

The singer went on to claim that his behavior does not accurately represent who the individual as a person is. He talks about a time when an officer stopped him for speeding and inquired about his address in the video.

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Why Zach Bryan Was Arrested.

Zach Bryan
NBC News

Bryan told the police he didn’t feel comfortable sharing that information, so the officer handcuffed him.

Bryan was eventually released with a warning after providing the police with his address. Then, he tells about another instance where one of his security personnel was stopped while traveling to Boston. In order to stand by for his security guard, Bryan also pulled over.

A folk-country musician who now sits atop the Billboard Hot 100 list was detained on Thursday night following what the “I Remember Everything” singer characterized as an incident on social media.

Bryan remained composed during his almost five-minute account of the event on the social networking site, and he repeatedly said that he “acted like a child” while it was happening.

According to the sheriff’s office’s publicly accessible web records, Bryan was brought to the Craig County Sheriff’s Office in Vinita, Oklahoma, after being held, where he was booked on a charge that was referred to as “obstruction of investigation” at 6:42 p.m. CT.

Bryan began his description of what transpired on the day before when he was stopped for speeding in Oklahoma, to describe what caused his detention and afterward being released from custody.

Bryan claimed he was brought to jail after being detained and spent a few hours there. He claimed that he ultimately gained composure and parted ways with the officer after shaking hands.

Zach Bryan recently finished a brief tour of American venues, but he has huge ambitions for 2024, both in terms of tour duration and, in some instances, venue size. The musician and songwriter announced the “Quittin Time Tour” tour on Monday.

The trek will take place from March to December, with stadiums serving as a large portion of the dates. AEG Presents is promoting the tour.

In contrast to the 2023 tour, when Bryan made a point of exclusively visiting places where Ticketmaster was not required for ticketing, most of the events will have tickets accessible through Ticketmaster.