A Time Called You Ending Explained!

In A Time Called You, Oh Chan-Yeong is the killer who murders Min-Ju and Da-Hyeon in 1998. However, one must return to the Noksan to discover who he is.

Published: September 11th, 2023 6:51 am | Updated: September 11, 2023 6:51 am

As the past and present blend, terrible truths surface, destroying everyone’s lives. A remake of the classic Taiwanese film Someday or One Day, A Time Called You is the most recent Netflix K-Drama released in a complete, binge-worthy package with twelve hour-long episodes.

In brief, a lady named Han Jun-hee lost the love of her life, Gu Yeon-jun, in 2023, and in her grief, she is sent back to 1998 into the body of another girl called Kwon Min-ju, where she meets another high-schooler, Nam Si-heon, who looks strikingly similar to her departed love.

A Time Called You: Who Exactly Is Who? Who lives where among Si-heon, Min-ju, Jun-hee, and Yeon-jun?

A Time Called You

When the series begins, we witness two timelines: Si-heon and Min-ju in 1998 and Yeon-jun and Jun-hee in 2023. In the first episode, Yeon-jun has long passed away.

Throughout the story, we witness how the cassette player and tape assist individuals traveling through these time leaps. People who look alike can switch bodies. Thus, we first see  Jun-hee exchanging bodies with Min-ju, and then Yeon-jun and Si-heon change bodies.

We learn during the series that these guys have been time traveling for a while, and then there’s another character we know about later in the series – Oh Chan-yeong, who has also been switching bodies with his elder brother between 2023 and 1998.

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Who has Feelings for Whom?

A Time Called You

We know that In-gyu is madly in love with Min-ju. Si-heon falls in love with Min-ju after Jun-hee takes over her body and alters her personality.

When Si-heon later takes over Yeon-jun’s body, he lives like that and attempts to make the real Jun-hee (who hasn’t time-traveled yet) fall in love with him.

Thus, Jun-hee and Si-heon fall in love (though she believes he is Yeon-jun), and when she discovers the truth about body swapping, she knows that the person she has been seeing as Min-ju turned out to be her soulmate in the past.

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Who Is the Murderer?

A Time Called You

In A Time Called You, Oh Chan-Yeong is the killer who murders Min-Ju and Da-Hyeon in 1998. However, one must return to the Noksan to discover who he is.

On the night Min-Ju runs away from home, he meets her and walks her home. He attacks her on the way, and when she attempts to run away, he smashes her in the head with a club. He can’t murder her since Jun-Hee woke him up before that.

In 2023, he strangles Jun-Hee and confesses to killing Min-Ju and Da-Hyeon. Si-Heon arrives and adds things up as well. However, Chan-Yeong stabs him to death before grabbing his diary and cassette player.

Jun-Hee and Chi-Won seek police assistance and ultimately capture him. He screams and begs to be released since he was going to murder Min-Ju on October 13, 1998.

He ruins the cassette player before being cuffed, which Jun-Hee subsequently repairs. She utilizes the cassette player one more time in the final segment of A Time Called You.

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At the end of A Time Called You, do Jun-hee & Si-heon get together?

A Time Called You

Si-heon is older and ran a webtoon firm in 2011. Jun-hee joins him on the bus home at night. He recognizes her and asks whether she is Min-ju before leaving, knowing he has met his love.

In essence, Jun-hee is unable to recall their earlier interactions. She never existed as Min-ju, just as herself. She has become a new possible romance with Si-heon, who remembers everything. They are given a fresh start and the opportunity to make it big.