Joe Jonas Spotted With Daughters After Filing For Divorce!

The 34-year-old Jonas Brother said that he saw Sophie "doing or saying something" on their Ring security camera and that this was "the last straw" before filing for divorce.

Published: September 9th, 2023 5:15 am | Updated: September 9, 2023 5:15 am

An American singer-songwriter, Joe Jonas, was photographed eating breakfast with his girls. It was his first public appearance since divorcing Sophie Turner.

On September 5, American singer-songwriter Joe Jonas and his actress wife Sophie Tuner announced that they were divorcing.

After four years of marriage, the Jonas Brothers band member and the Game of Thrones actress announced their separation on their separate Instagram profiles. A story said their marriage had been in trouble for six months due to their divergent lifestyles.

Two daughters belong to Joe and Sophie. Willa (3) and a young girl who has not yet had her name revealed are their names.

The 34-year-old Jonas Brother said that he saw Sophie “doing or saying something” on their Ring security camera and that this was “the last straw” before filing for divorce.

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Joe Jonas Spotted With Daughters After Filing For Divorce From Sophie Turner!

Joe Jonas

Joe Jonas took his kids out for breakfast in Sherman Oaks, California, and was seen carrying Willa, who is three years old, inside Sweet Butter Kitchen while an unnamed female friend handled his daughter, who is one year old.

The four were seen outdoors seated and appeared to be having a wonderful time as the celebrity made silly expressions to amuse his children. The musician may have been high-fiving his oldest child while enjoying the breakfast buffet at one point.

All 4 of them departed in a black SUV after breakfast, only one day after publishing their joint statement with Sophie, 27. The ex-couple acknowledged their split and announced their impending divorce.

In a Miami-Dade court, Joe formally filed for divorce.”In 2019, they married in back-to-back Paris and Las Vegas ceremonies.

After being married to Joe Jonas and having two kids at a young age, a close friend of Sophie’s revealed that she felt stuck in her marriage to him and regretted “missing out” on her more young, carefree years.

Joe Jonas dressed comfortably and casually for his day out with his girls. He wore denim pants along with a mustard yellow shirt with black stripes. The vocalist of Do It Like That completed his appearance with a black cap. He was conversing with his children while tenderly cuddling Willa.

The second lady, who appeared to be their nanny, was holding the 1-year-old child of Joe and Sophie. It was discovered that the couple’s issues began around Christmas last year and that she and he split up at the beginning of this summer. She then spent the following months partying in the UK or on vacations with her European school pals.